Playa Del Coco

Today was the kind of day people wish they could have. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. Close to  ninety degrees and very few high clouds. I did the unusual and had a strawberry margarita at 11 A.M. I arrived early at the beach ( with my dogs) and went for a long stroll. The dogs played and bark at the surf enjoying being able to run around as much as they could. People stopping along the way to pet and play with the dogs. If they stroll too far I whistle and they come charging back. Other dogs I work at avoiding. My dogs come to my whistle  pretty well. When they ignore me I put a leash on.

We played in the water for about two hours. The walk way has outside showers for me to clean my feet and wash the sand off the dogs. The showers are very good. After our shower we walked for a while. I decided to sit on the concrete flower bed and watch people go by.  Mostly people wish to talk or pet the dogs. Females like the dogs and sometimes it can get interesting.

A couple from Arizona stopped and asked about the dogs. They showed me the four Chawahwas they left behind. Soon conversation turned about Costa Rica. Where to live And how to apply for residency. It gave me the opportunity to mention my new book: Poems From Costa Rica. It has a nice supplement on how to gain residency.

We talked for  a while. It is my favorite thing to do. Have a great conversation with new people and watch people enjoying the good life. I went to the restaurant on the beach, sat in a comfortable chair and soon had a beautiful woman to talk to. Life is tough here,ugh?

Soon the heat started to turn up and it was time to go. I want to get to the pool before the pavement is too hot for the dogs paws. I spent the afternoon in the hotel pool and put my dogs on a lounge chair under the trees. They were very comfortable and soon fell asleep after their morning escapades at the beach.

At three P.M. The dogs and I went out for dinner. Sat on a veranda watching the people of Playa Del Coco and enjoying a sword fish dinner and of course, a Pilsner. What else could I ask for? My girl friend Corina back from the USA would be nice. She will be home tomorrow and we will head to Nuevo Arenal.

It has been a wonderful time in Playa Del Coco. Don’t you wish you were here? Snorkeling, fishing or just suntanning on the beach and having a margarita.

What a life!😎

Pura Vida


Poems From Costa Rica

Timothy M Nugent

ebook only $3.99




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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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