Chill in the night

Last night was a three dog night by Costa Rican standards. I usually sleep with a linen sheet. Last night I needed a small blanket. Just enough blanket to take the chill off.we sleep in an open room. It has open screens at the top of the walls. About four feet from the ceiling running about twenty feet. It is a bodega work space. The bedrooms are too small for a queen size bed. We put our bedroom in the work room with the washer and drier. Very comfy!  It has a sink with a cabinet and a wall with cabinets from floor to ceiling. Lots of Windows and a roof that stretches out to keep the rain out of our room. I enjoy living in this home.

Every morning I wake to the calls of a rooster. Five A.M. I lay in bed writing and listen to the birds singing their love songs or the monkeys barking out their proclamations. This particular morning the neighbors dogs beat the rooster alarm clock. Something came to close to the property. It was a rainy night. You can smell the freshness in the morning air. It reminded me of autumn dew on a Sunday morning in Illinois. That country smell you never forget. Mom making homemade raisin bread or cooking bacon in her cast iron skillet. Those early morning  smells entrenched in your youthful  memories.

Today we will head into Nuevo Arenal and do some business. Go to the bank and Ice to see what is wrong with my phone service. Do some grocery shopping. Head back home and do the laundry. That will take about four hours. Our washer and dryer are antiquated. The dryer spin dries enough for you to hang the laundry outside on the clothes line. When it is raining we hang it on a line in our bedroom. Old fashion isn’t it.

It will be a day of designing our new property and making plans to build. Lot’s of  fun. Corina will make a drawing of the house to give the architect so he has an idea of what we want. He will take the plan to the municipality for registration so the builder can get all the necessary permits. So much work for bureaucracy . Then the fun building will begin.

Another fun day in paradise 😎

Pura Vida!




Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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