The Couple

Yesterday was a beautiful day at Lake Arenal. Children playing and couples walking their dogs hand in hand. Stopping and gazing at the lake and hugging each other. The lake seems to hypnotize people to a state of euphoria. A blissfulness of flowerery aromatic peace. The softness of the waves hitting the shore put me into a peaceful slumber. The dogs and my girlfriend asleep next to me. I began to dream of a sadder day of my life. I do not know why this memory popped up.

Crying Home

it was once a happy home
before you left me alone
we never had children to help ease the sorrow
to comfort the many tomorrows

i hear our home crying your absence
the walls scream loneliness and abstinence
the prayers ring hallow
the heart beats more shallow

help me to see brighter days
to see the world in kinder ways
bring peace to your beautiful home
help me feel peace when i am alone

i always thought i would feel your presence
i always thought your soul would give my heart resonance
i finished what you asked me to do
your home is a beauty as were you
rest in peace you are the jewel
the gem is your home
i love you

Maybe my wife, in her infinite wisdom, was asking me to take care of the people I love. Embrace what I have and enjoy life. Marian passed away in 2008. I began writing poetry. This poem is from “Odes to Life and Love. It was my first book. Because of Marian I live life to its fullest. Corina helps me continue to live.

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Pura Vida!😎



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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  1. so beautiful and well-written – Saludos, keep writing, as if I need to tell you that!!! One can’t can have more than one life partner,and each one brings their own treasure to share with you. I cannot wait to see you two again and we have a standing date for Equus. Pura vida. Mari

    1. Thank you 😎
      Every insecure writer loves positive feed back. I devolved a one page news letter about Costa Rica and my books. Can I add you to my list? If yes, send me your email address.
      Always Tim

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