We journeyed up to my property today. We wish to show Paul and Andrea, our friends our property. We met Andrea at our rental when we first came to Lake Arenal. We lived in the house and she lived in the Cabina. Eventually she would teach us Spanish.That is a chore and a half. They have been gone for three months for work in Europe.

We invited them for some lunch and a visit to our property. After the property we went to Equus for chicken and ribs. As usual it was delicious ! I love the flavor of the ribs and chicken  and some Pilsner beer. Made my day, nothing like good company, beer and good food.

We left the restaurant and went to our rental. Margaritas were the main course. We discussed our property and enjoyed our company. Lots of teasing and laughing . We had an enjoyable afternoon. This is Costa Rica, good times and companionship. Wouldn’t you like this on a daily basis. That is what we have come to expect.

I am looking forward to the time my brothers come to visit and not want to leave( just like me). We have a conundrum; what kind of house shall we build. A container home or steel and concrete. No wood,  too much trouble with termites. We will figure it out on Saturday when the construction and architect meet at the property. Do not hire people if you do not follow their ideas. A flow of our input in with the experts is a home run.

I had a baked apple pancake for breakfast today. It reminded me of my mother making breakfast for us in the mornings. Strange how old memories pop up:


Steaming hot with baked cinnamon

Picked fresh from the tree

Ten bushels for my mom

Orchards and orchards of apples for free

Pies and apple sauce

Summer delights

Helping mom she is the boss

Apple crisp and apples slices

No wonder I was a pudgy kid

Put the cooked apples capote in jars with lids

Set in the floor freezer to last all summer

Not every household had pastry chef for a mother

Cakes,pies, and homemade bread

The smells and aromas are still in my head

You go back to my old home town

All the orchards have been cut down

No more walking from farm to farm

No more enjoying the smell of country charm

I feel sorry for those who can’t understand

The smell of country cooking when you stepped onto our land

It is a city where I once lived

I am trying to forgive

Those who asked for progress

Got smog and congestion in the process

Mom is too old to cook our apples

That is ok; my sisters and I are ample

We still have apple crisp and slices

But it is not as enticing

Gone are the bushel baskets of fun

The hikes we took long the river runs

The cooked cinnamon apples

My mother handing out samples

Those wonderful smells are still in my head

Pura Vida!

Poem from Timothy M Nugent: A Collection of Poems.

$3.99 ebook at Xlibris .com or Amazon .com



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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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