I was once a sports fanatic. I went to the gym four days a week. Cycling and lifting heavy weights. It chased away depression and anger. Made me more confident and self assured. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment and the commaradiery. Then my wife passed away and so did my priorities .Going to the gym was less important; seeing friends and family was more important.

Travel and writing took center stage. When ever I cranked up the Harley for a long trip, I made sure I stop to see  family. I bought a camera and took a lot of pictures. I missed my wife. The first year she ws gone I wrote my first book: Odes to Life and Love. Travel and writing helped me ease the pain. There was a lot of pain. For awhile I would cry on the motorcycle and would need to pull over. The old saying: you do not know what you have until you lose it is true. I found out how lucky I was twenty years before when my wife developed skin cancer. I changed quickly.

For myself I became more introverted. I always closed off my emotions but seem to want less to do with people. Do not get me wrong, I always had  a close group of friends I wanted to associate with. There were no more poker runs, Harley rally weekends or visits to the local pub. I drank less and began to enjoy my trips more. My travels seem to take another dimension. I began hearing nature as I rode along. My noisey Pipes did not drown out nature. I clearly heard birds in trees and the sounds of waterfalls. I was more intuned to nature.

I wanted to get away from all the noises and went on the road. I lived in Las Vegas, NV after I sold my home in California. My travels became longer and longer.It was easier to say no because I did not want to be held back. I fell in love again and took my girlfiend and two dogs on the road. we were a sight to see. Girlfriend, two dogs and fishing gear on the Harley, hitting the open road.

I have written nine more books the last eight years. I hope you can take the time to read one. They come in Hardcover,softcover and ebook. You can get them at or xlibris .com.

Pura Vida!

excerpt: From, Travels With The Wildman:volume4- Fishing the USA, out in September 2016.

The Indian Creek Lodge

Nestled in the oaks and the pines
The lodge leaves worries behind
Just off two ninety- nine and highway thirty- six
It quietly brings in natures romantic mix

Log trucks rumbling all day long
Harley’s with their acoustic song
Vibrating the cool morning air
It is a fabulous nature snare

Wood peckers pecking high in the red woods
Crickets chirping close to where I stood
Lost in natures flare
Comfortable in the mountain air

Beauty at night with natures sound
You sense romance all around
Couples hugging and kissing
Holding hands; knowing what they have been missing

Strange how a Forrest retreat
Makes it more genuine with new people you meet
Casual and understanding
No pretense standing

Riders cleaning their bikes
The women going on nature hikes
Beers and margaritas until the early morn
Friendships reborn

You watch the Trinity River flow
Feeling the positive ions grab hold
You grab your fishing pole
And hope the trout are bold

The endless barrage to your senses
A cool breeze that never relents
The sound of crisp leaves falling from trees
Rustling of limbs and the buzzing of bees

Clear blue skies and a lounge chair
The freshness of the mountain air
Sitting In the shade on a hot summers day
Life is pleasant this way


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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