Remembering Mom

Mom was a tough old bird. She was fiercely loyal, hard working woman. I remember when I was young, she was the matriarch of the household . She ran her house with a voice of stone. Dad was in charge of the business of life but mom ran the household business. Dad made sure the house grew. Mom made sure we grew strong and upright.

Her ability to cook three meals a day with desert and homemade bread for dinner was amazing. The only time she got a break was when we were in school. Then she drove us to school. Does that sound familiar? I was never disappointed. When I was in high school she took me to school and picked me up after sports practice.

Her day started at five A.M. and did not finish until ten P.M. If that isn’t a salaried position I do not know what is. Do you work that hard or is your job nine to five? That was seven days a week! I miss my Mom, if that makes me a mommas¬†boy, I will carry the monicker proudly.¬† In her latter years she became fiercely independent. She had her own apartment and friends and wanted to live her own life. She earned that ,don’t you think? No baby sitting, only visits from her grandkids. My sisters did a great job of taking care of mom. Mom is gone and I miss her. I love you mom!


It Came to Pass

It came to pass; the grand old woman went to the great beyond.
All her subjects, her sons and daughters for whom she was fond,
Comforted her as she searched for the light,
Eased her pain to give her clarity and insight.

To search for those who went before,
Those whose stories were legends of lore,
Through the darkness of past pain she traveled,
Through the shadows of light bedeviled.

Soon the glare of white shown clear
Her three sisters she held dear.
Mother and father held out their hands,
Welcoming their daughter to the Promised Land.

Husband, with his head held low,
Asking forgiveness to rescue his glow,
Tarnished by years below.
With her wisdom, she would bestow.

Two figures step into the light,
The last to acknowledge her graceful flight.
Two brothers, her sons long traveled past,
Welcoming the grand old lady at last.

Her journey complete, a life well lived,
Her vessel quietly asleep, it gave all it could give.
It came to pass.
Her rest is eternity; a new life begins.

I will miss you, Mom.

From: Understanding

Timothy M Nugent



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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