Another beautiful Day

Another beautiful day in Costa Rica. Do you wake up to the smell of fallen rain? It as if God decided to filter the air and give your senses a revived notion of what fresh is. The smell of green has a purified texture unlike the brown smell of Las Angeles. There the air is filled with toxic chemicals giving fifty percent of the young population Asthma.

Here the air is fresh and clean. My hope is it cleanses my lungs and the change in my diet cleans my organs and makes them work better. I eat a lot more vegetables and fruit and less red meat. A challenge for me because I love red meat. How about you? I have lost fifty-five pounds since I Arrived here. Over one hundred pounds in the las five years. Is that an incentive for people to make a life change.

My alcohol consumption has also gone down. I have no trouble finding beer and Tequila, my favorite drinks. I do not have the urge to consume it. Maybe because I worry less . Being retired helps. Not being in debt helps. Being far away from negative influences in my life helps. Having a solid ,trustful relationship with a good woman helps. Let us not forget my two dogs LaLa and LuLu whom give me a sense of calm.

All these simple life changes factor into a  better life. I love it here in The Lake Arenal area. No pressure, low crime and friendly happy people. Is it perfect? Perception is with the individual. If you want to look for the bad you can find it. I prefer to dwell on happiness and the invironment. To me it is perfect. Come check for yourself.

Para Vida!🤔

Another Great morning in Lake Arenal

Cumulus clouds puffy white Blue skies beautifully bright

A gentle breeze calling us outside

No reason to hide inside

My girls and I sit on the veranda

LaLa and LuLu sharing a banana

Corina sipping her Java Me, eating guava

We decide to go for a walk

Some time for us to talk

Exercise to strengthen our health

Energizing our stealth

Heading down the steep brick driveway

Huffing and puffing our way

Turn at the gate and head up the hill

Up we go exerting our will

To the top of a satisfying walk

Gasping almost unable to talk

We stop and take a couple of deep breathes

Time to sit down and take a rest

Take a drink of my lemon water

Happy we completed our walk and did not falter

LaLa and LuLu happy on our laps

Looks like they will take a nap

Another great morning in Lake Arenal


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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