Where the rooster Crows

It is four thirty A.M. The rooster crows a little early. Normally it crows at five. Maybe it is because there is not a cloud in the sky. The sun is up asking us to start our day. The birds are singing and the dogs are barking, but oddly the monkeys are silent. Have they moved to trees in another area? The neighbor with his atv is on the road. He likes to make sure we know when he is leaving. It is a loud machine.

Yesterday we had a heavy rain. Today is clear and blue, a wonderful day for the park. We will drive down to lake Arenal and spend part of our day there. The dogs will love it. It is cleaning day today. We hire a house cleaner once a month for three dollars an hour. Sonya will clean the house emmaculately. Much better then we do. She will do laundry if you wish and change the beds.

There are more large trucks in the area now. It is not as quiet as it used to be. The little town is growing. More building that brings steel, concrete and building supplies. Which brings dump trucks, tractors and graders to start home building. As the town grows so does noise. One of the reasons we bought property away from the Frey. We bought a piece of property in San Luis, a town outside Tilaran, Costa Rica. Up in the hills away from noise central. It has a beautiful serenity and a great view of the lake.

in Nuevo Arenal, the quiet is still present but interrupted by the big trucks during the week days. Today is no exception. It is wonderfully serene at the present time. Mister Dove is hooting for some loving and the little yellow birds are chirping away. A woodpecker is pecking away. Coffee is being made for Corina’s morning fix. Another beautiful day in paradise.

Pura Vida😎

The Quiet Little Boy

He was happy and carefree.
He made friends easily.
He had a freckled face and eyes of blue,
A smile that often subdue.

A mischievous lad but never malicious,
A little brother who loved red licorice,
He had a laugh that would make you smile.
Unfortunately, he would be with us for a little while.

My favorite memory is on a warm summer day;
He was curiously watching the willow trees sway,
His little head flowing with the trees
At peace, flowing with his own personal chi.

He closed his eyes and listened to the birds,
Swaying to what he heard.
He was a quiet little boy,
Intuitive and full of joy.

I watched him for a little while.
I couldn’t help it I had to smile.
Suddenly, he ran to the fence,
Turned around, and gave me a glance.

Smiling, he pranced around the driveway,
Laughing because I fell for his play.
He was a quiet little boy.
He was my brother, and I miss him in every way.

Love you, bro.

Pura Vida

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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