Growing Old

As we grow old, do we do it gracefully and independently or are we old crotchety old farts? Did you plan ahead for your individual freedom or are you waiting for Uncle Sam to take care of you? Well,did you? I made plans and worked hard for my retirement. Part of my plan failed but others worked out well. That is why multiple plans are in order.

Best part of the plan was moving to Costa Rica. It cost less to live here as long as you do not think like a Gringo. The kind of Gringo that thinks Costa Rica has to supply them with American  products and if they do not have it, get it quickly. Not! I am happy with the Costa Rican lifestyle. Rice and beans, peppers ,onions , tomatoes and other great fruits and vegetables. Lots of fish and chicken and steak once in a while  (because I save up for the steak).

I became a resident so I could use the health system here and I have learned to go with the flow. Nothing gets done quickly in Costa Rica. Besides, I am in no hurry. I am retired. I work at enjoying the good life, Pura Vida. I have no one to account to. No job to give me a head ache. Just life to enjoy. No wonder I am smiling and happy. I live on a beer retirement and simplified my life.

How about you? You ready to live on less and enjoy life?

Pura Vida

The Man in His Car

I came across this man in his car
A blanket on his shoulders, a beer by his arm
Mid afternoon on a cool autumn day
It has been a few days since he had shaved

He was ninety years old if he was a day
Smiling as he slept, dreaming away
Suddenly he awoke thinking someone was near
Reached into his lap; his forty five lowered his fear

I took a step back as he gave me a glare
” Sorry I said, I see you come prepared”
” At my age you must be aware”
He took a moment to look in his mirror
Running his fingers through his silvery hair

His car was an expensive Mercedes Benz
His clothes on the expensive end
He told me he likes to drive to the beach
Away from his family, out of reach

He stays for a couple of days
Quiet little trips since his wife passed away
This trip was eight hundred miles
I asked why no hotels: he just smiled

“Family interfere and worry”
“They would like to end my independence in a hurry”
“I built an empire and spoiled my kids”
“My children taking over my life,I strictly forbid”

We talked for quite some time
He took me to lunch on his dime
He talked about his wife of seventy five years
At times, I almost came to tears

We walked back to his car
He grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard
Thanked me for my time
Got in his car and began to drive

He was a rich man beyond his money
He new how to laugh
His disposition sunny
I gave him my number hoping he would call
He did, every spring and fall

He would live to one hundred and two
He was found in his Benz at his ocean blue
I was asked to his last will and testament
His family receptive, showing no resentment

He had left me his Mercedes Benz
Left me a note thanking me for being his friend
“Live life your way!”
“The man in his car”

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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