What did you say?

Oh my God! Did you believe he said that? You listen to people and you cannot believe they said what they said. It happens all the time. Perfectly intelligent people with college educations, people running for the number one office in the country, Professional atheletes or the neighbor next store. Put their foot in their mouths. Once said it is permanently etched in your mind. You can understand why they said it, but you do not like how they did it.

I know I have said stupid things trying to impress some friend or important person in my life only to feel embarrassed after I was finished. We all make this kind of mistake. Sometimes it cost you money or a friend. No matter what you say afterwords, you can”t take it back short of an apology. Even then it is too late. You stick to your comment ┬áhoping it goes away. It never does.

I work at keeping my comments to my self. I hide my emotional responses. I spew them to the trash and let my actions make my statements. Like serving food at a welfare program, visiting old people in a retirement home or just being kind to people. If there is a political statement that needs to be exponded upon i write to my congressman. If my community needs help I step up. It is easy to pontificate but difficult to participate .

May you have a glorious day participating!

Pura Vida!

Can’t You See Me?

I live on the street poor and broke
Once I was an important bloke
Alcohol and drugs did me in
Lost my job, my wife and my kids

Ran away as the divorce began
Did not want anyone to know my plans
I drank to forget the pain
The betrayals I sustained

Hid from family and friends
Jack Daniels was my choice for a friend
I began to rob and steal
Life became surreal

Confused inebriation
Conflicting exaltation
Blackout induced peace
Was my only release

I stand on the corner asking for a dime
Begging for spare change so I can dine
My friends are my corner pals
Begging’s an art even for gals

We share our corner so we all survive
Chase off new beggars too stay alive
It is a war of attrition
A daily situation

I am here, can’t you see me?

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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