A Thousand Kisses

Have you ever had differences that turned into an argument? You love each other deeply yet you make barriers in your relationship and before you know it you are separated. Arguements over stupid things that are insignificant for your survival but you argue just the same. What do you do?

I saw a movie a few months ago. It was about  cowboys in the eighteen hundreds.A fight over the grazing rights on property. Typical conflict cowboy style,  yet in one scene the main character after the struggle was over professed his love for a woman. Told her he was not worthy of marrying her, but promised that he would treat her like the lady she is.

He was a clumsy violent man who was trying to change his ways. He promised her a thousand kisses everyday of her life. It was his way of asking this soft intelligent women to live a life on the ranch. A life that was hard. She was a nurse that worked with her doctor brother. Of course they lived happily ever after. My point is it is always possible to solve differences as long as we bend and compromise. Some people do not like compromise and live a lonely life of bitterness. Do you want to live that way? Sometimes there is no recourse but to find another partner, but wouldn’t you look for the same kind of partner  and continue as you were?

I like the idea of a thousand kisses a day until she said no more. What are your thoughts?

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A Thousand Kisses

I have a thousand kisses only for you
That line came from a scripted cue
From a rough lonely cowboy
Whom finally found life’s joy

A movie with a tough realization
Love has expectations
A thousand kisses for everyday
Tenderness willingly paid

This realism I find true
I have a thousand kisses for you
Not a few as many do
A thousand you can use

Make up kisses along the way
When arguments seem to sway
Kisses for kissing sake
Kisses to make you awake

Kisses to wipe away tears
Kisses to remind you of our wonderful years
Kisses of love and gratitude
Kisses only for you

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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