IMG_2506I love to bake!! Lucky for me so does my girlfriend, Corina. My sister is great cookie , candy and cake maker. How about you? Do you like to bake? I like a house that smells fattening. I grew up in a home that liked to cook fresh foods. Can you remember when all the meats were fresh? Frozen foods were just beginning to come into grocery stores. Remember the skinny frozen fish sticks. A Friday dinner specialty. I hate them! I would invite myself to my friends house just to avoid Fish stick Friday. My mom caught on and I had to wash dishes all month instead of rotating with my brothers and sisters.I said thats not fair and she added a month. She should be a DI in the Army.

My mom had great desert recipes: Brownie, Boston creme pie,Apple slices and any cookie you could think of she would make. Then she would make up her own version and we would love them. No wonder I was a fat little squirt growing up. I always lick the spoon when she was baking. She made Rocky Road Fudge Rolls that she handed out at Christmas time. She baked well into her late eighties. She is gone now. Died of a stroke a few years ago, but the baking tradition is alive and well. Corina is baking Raisin Bread because we knocked off the Wheat Bread and the Banana Bread.

You can smell it a block away, Must be some jealous neighbors out there!I never get tired of fresh fruits and vegetables. In Costa Rica I drive an hour and an half for fresh meat. Fresh! Fresh! Lately Corina and I have gone over board. Our diets have taken a hike. At least we are eating good foods. I lost fifty pounds since my arrival in Lake Arenal.The humidity and walking has helped out. Now that it is cooler and more humid my weight loss has slowed down. It does not help we  have baked a lot of fattening foods lately.

I love to add fresh baking to the fragrances of Costa Rica. It makes my stay here more pleasant.If you like baking there are a lot of great Baking and Cooking websites on the internet. You can find anything there. Sometimes I can small cinnamon coming off the internet.

Pura vida



The Tears

Do not ask me to stop the tears
It is difficult remembering all those years

The many motorcycle rides

The barbecues with our family pride

The many football games we cheered

Drinking our favorite beers
The arguments we forgave
The times we outlandishly behaved

Do not ask me not to make a fuss

Too soon did God take you from us
I wanted you to be here for many years

Do not ask me to stop the tears

I will not forget your laughter
Your joke telling or your every day banter

I promise to think of you every day

And live my life in a happy way

Do not ask me to stop the tears
I will keep your memory alive in the coming years

Once in a while I will cry
As I remember
Do not ask me to stop the tears

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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