Flowers of Costa Rica


Can you imagine waking up to this beauty every morning? I have visited friends homes with beautiful flowers, but not as extravagant as these. These are only a few that were in the yard of the house we rented. I enjoyed walking down their elevated brick driveway looking at the flowers  and gazing out at Lake Arenal and Volcan Arenal. It was truly awe inspiring .

Can you imagine driving down  highway one forty two and pulling over ( always a good idea to drive slowly) to take pictures of a Monkey on the telephone lines or a Sloth holding himself upside down on a tree branch? How about a snake fighting in the middle of the road with a Weasel ! Always something happening around the rainforest. You must not be too mesmerized by the beautiful vegetation or you will miss the animals. Do not feed the animals, they may turn on you.

A couple of weeks ago we were eating at Rock River Rocks. It is always fun visiting  Frank and Becky. As we were eating a truck drove by down below and startled some monkeys in the trees. The monkeys began to bark out their disenchantment. There were five monkeys  relaxing before the truck rumbled by. Like I said never a dull moment.

To enjoy Costa Rica you must keep you senses open. Looking around for natures delights is an exploration into your imagination. Keep it active and enjoy!

Pura Vida!

Take a break  push me!

Early Morning

Over the mountains of the east
The sun begins to consume its feast
Ordering the blue skies to be bluer
The green valleys to be greener

The flowers must show a brighter yellow
Reds, purples must not be mellow
The pinks must calm the nerves
The wind must show a vital verve

God wants to show off Costa Rica
Our beautiful trees
Plants that drink a lot of rain
So glorious you stop to pray

Thank you for our early morning sun
That gives us our health and early morning fun

For the flowers, plants and singing birds
The howler monkeys barking words

As I walk the early morning
Thankfully adoring
Every living animal and plant
That God allows at a glance

I take a deep breath of fresh air
Filling my lungs without a care
No smog here you declare
Costa Rica beyond compare”

Excerpt From: Nugent, Timothy. “Poems from Costa Rica.” XlibrisUS, 2016-06-29T04:00:00+00:00. iBooks.
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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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