A little bit longer

Everyday I pray to God and ask him for one extra day of life. I feel I am on borrowed time and I ask for a little bit longer. I ask him to show me the way to betterment of my gray soul. I wish to make up for whatever wrongs I created in my life.Do you ever feel this way? The times I over drank alcohol and abused any relationships. The failures I remember in business and relationships. Those people who did me wrong and I refuse to forgive.

Satchel Paige, the star of Negro Baseball League and Baseball USA said: “Don’t look back ! It might catch up to you”. I like this philosophy . I work at it every day. I believe to move on you must forgive. Those who have harmed me I forgive, but that does not mean I want them in my life. Those who do not forgive me is not in my control, so I move on.

I sleep better now knowing I am Making an effort to improve my soul.What do you do to better your chances of eternal bliss? I moved away from all temptations of hate and bigotry.From news broadcast that constantly show the negativity of life. From people who wish to cause me or family harm, either physical or emotionally. Some people say I am running away from life. I say I am building a better life.  I moved to Costa Rica in search of peace and harmony. I made a difficult change and I believe it is for the better. I have a wonderful girlfriend and two small dogs.Costa Ricans receive you with open arms:Pura Vida ( the good life). I believe it is.

How about you? Are you afraid of change? Spread  your wings and fly to freedom of mind and soul. Pure Vida


Poems From Costa Rica


The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty five kilo’s
She wore sandals and walk like she were on pillows
Quietly with purpose
She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline
You couldn’t help but stare she caught your eye
The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts
Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes
Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied
Again you stared and she caught your glance
She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”
Suddenly you wake up from your dream
You put your head back down
Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica
Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita
You had a great time

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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