Do we loose the ability of imagination as we grow older? Do we become more up tight about what we think about and leave no room for exploring? How about you ? Ever need to invent? A story in your mind only for you. Hidden away in the closet of your mind. A trip down the Amazon or the feeling of flying on the wings of your imagination. I swear there are times when I watch the vultures fly I feel I am gliding along the air streams with them. The effortless flight, searching for their prey , picking up speed and launching themselves high into the blue skies.

When I was a very young boy I remember playing dragons and  Indians with my friend Tommy in his back yard. We were an ancient civilization searching for freedom from hostile forces. Fighting for the good of our people. Always doing good. We had dragons who talked to us. Guiding us against the forces of evil. Evil was always a devil inspired creature or antihero.

We would play pirates that stole from the wicked rich and brought our loot back to our poor community hidden on a far away land. We would protect this community and share our bounty with them. Don’t you wish sometimes you can ride your wings of happiness and truth and guard against the evils of the world? Imagination is a wonderful thing when is used for good.

like creating jobs, furthering good in the world and protecting the weak of the world. Will there ever be a time when we are not at war: with ourselves, peoples of the world which wishes to go against the natural laws of kindness and right? The vulture is doing what God showed him what to do; scavenge to survive in his world. The lion hunts for food not to fight over doctrines of hate. The bear attacks when hungry or protection. Do these animals have free will or is it instinct? The human animal has free will but stifles others free will. Is it the strength of the bully that comforts the land? Or the imagination to live in a fearless society gathered in good will and harmony. Productive, imaginative and alive.

I ran away to a field of green, yellow, red and blue. To a place of harmony  and smiles. Able to live with imagination, kindness and freedom.To be with people of all races without recrimination. Where people help each other for the common good. Is it a utopia? No, it is a start.

Pura Vida!



An Uneasy Quiet

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometime stirs.
A good night sleep, fully restored,
Why do I have feelings I deplore?

An uneasy quiet, a sense of doom,
No dogs barking, birds singing, or chimes in the room;
No breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees;
No cars or trucks to be scene.

An uneasy quiet that puts the senses on alert,
My mind, my ears ring my concerns,
Alone with my imaginations,
My consternations.

Is it the quiet before an earthquake?
Or am I in a dream, not awake?
I look out the window, and the limbs begin to sway.
The leaves rustle, fall their way.

My dogs are yapping.
The bird songs are back.
The eerie feelings are gone.
Nothing appears to be wrong.

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometimes stir.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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