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How many of you like to ride motorcycles? I do not mean the week end warrior types who gone hundred and fifty miles and think they are on a long bike ride. Those brave soles that ride for riding sake and put five hundred to a thousand miles in one day for a beginning sensation. The Iron Butt guys who travel across country as far in a twenty-four our period as they can. I like to ride to enjoy new countryside. I will map out a preliminary ride and vary where I go. Example: Las Vegas, Nevada to Seattle,Washington. I will head to Sand Diego via route six and head up the coast. More than likely put ten thousand miles  on my bike round trip.

I look at as  many attractions as I can along the way. Being retired I can travel until I run out of money. On long trips I tend to leave in the middle of the month and come back at the middle of next month.That way my pension over laps. When I leave for only a few days, I would limit my ride to five hundred miles away. I would stay at my destination and ride around the countryside. Once my friend and I decided to go to Sturgis. It was a spare of the moment trip. He called an old friend in Seattle, Washington told him what we plan to do and the next day met him in Bend, Oregon. We were off and running. Of course you need a flexible job to do this unless you are like me, RETIRED.

I no longer own a motorcycle. I sold my two Harleys to move to Costa Rica. Luckily I love it here. Yet , I experienced a lot of life and miles on my bikes. My last two summers I put fifty-five thousand miles on my Ultra Classic Harley.My gal and two dogs on the back and of course my fishing poles and a small box of lures. Most of my rides were out of town. I never rode in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. I felt you took your life in your hands if you did. I miss the wind in my face and the rumbling sounds of my Harley. The companionship of a few friends that liked to ride. It is the first time in forty-six years I do not own a motorcycle. You can capture my adventurous trips in my Travels With the Widman series. Four picturebooks with poetry I wrote over the last eight years of motorcycle travel.

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Travels With The Wild Man


I love to fish to a gorgeous sunset
Wether in Monterey, San Diego, or Bend, Oregon
Either way a good day was done
Fishing for Rock Cod over the surf
My feet warmed by the sandy turf

Large shrimp and 20 pound test
A twelve foot pole and my arm does the rest
Some ham and Cheese sandwiches and a six pack of beer
Also some chocolate added with my gear
All set for wonderful day
Fishing done my way
An Ice chest filled with ice
To keep the fish cold until tonight

Dark sun glasses and some suntan lotion
It is a long day and the sun is in motion
A large sombrero to block the sun
That is so people know I am having fun

All alone ,I am at peace
Nothing can bother me,
not in the least
No orphan dogs or curious kidsNothing,
let the zone begin

Slowly the sun starts to set
The days criteria was met
Time to head home and cook the fish
Thank my Honey for giving my wish

A long day finishing with sunsets


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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