Lightning and Thunder

Have you heard of the seconds rule? Have you been in thunderstorms that rattled your house for over an hour? Lightning striking so close that it curls the hair on your arms? Last night was scary. It stormed for a few hours and lasted through most of the night. The lightning flashed and a half second later the thunder cracked. That meant the lightning struck less than a half mile away. The lights went out , no more power for five minutes and back on. It shook the house and rattled our cages.Maybe our nerves curled the hair on our arms. Our eyes wide open watching the orchestration of the storm.

We waited with abated anticipation for the lightning storm to roll away. Oh yeah, the second rule is you count the number of seconds from the lightning strike to the thunder roll. If you count six seconds to the thunder clap;then the lightning struck six miles away. I have to admit some of the lightning strikes were awfully close to our house. The dogs are usually calm with thunder storms but this one even made me a little anxious.

Slowly the lightning subsided and the storm headed to the north. Six seconds, ten seconds, thirty seconds and it was gone. You could see the lightning in the distance but you did not hear the thunder. It rained through the night but not with the intensity it had in the beginning. This is the rainy season. September and October are heavy rain months here in Costa Rica and it slows down in November. The end of Novenber the Costa Rican summer begins. Pure Vida, may you live well and prosper.

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Thunder And Lightning

It was a quiet night
Laying in bed with my dog just to my right
Watching T.V. With an ice tea in my hand
I took a sip and then it began

With a thunderous clap the lightning did glare
It brightened the room like an emergency flare
My dog jumped up and ran around the room
He would run , he would zoom,zoom ,zoom

He ran until he was tired
I found him in the bathroom:
I thought he expired
He would shake as the thunder did sound
As the lightened glared all around

I laid in the tub right beside him
Until the storm passed and it was calm within
I got out of the tub
Reached down and gave him a rub

I said, ” it’s o.k. Boy”
I went out the door and he followed with great joy
We went outside the storm had passed
It took awhile but he was finally relaxed

He took time to do his business
Ran to me with great eagerness
Barking all the way
Hugging him was a great price to pay
For my companion

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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