What is backwards?

What does it mean when someone says you live in a backwards country? Does it mean behind the times? Nineteen sixtish? I hate the term third world or new world. Terms thrown out by people to make their ideas seem more important or greater than. Country under assistance because they are perceived as being unable to take care of themselves. Yet are they in debt to the tune of twenty trillion dollars?

I prefer to think of them as progressive. Always looking for ways to put people to work. No fancy equipment to cut down weeds. They use  weed eaters to cut yards and machetes to cut brush and trim bushes and trees. Concrete is delivered in bags.I have seen only one cement truck  since I have been here and it was used in a big apartment complex. Most asphalt has been repaired buy shovels. Road side brush removed by machete or weed eater. It may seem backward but most of the people are working and moms are raising their kids. Crime is low and violence is practically non existent.

In Las Vegas, Las  Angeles and any other city or town in the USA murder and mayhem exist every single day. Yes , give me third world or backward any day of the week. Few trucks noisily travel our country roads. Although in the fifteen months we have been here we see more and more progress. Building, escavating and more trucks heading our way.

For now it is peaceful and not quite up to the times. Internet is a difficult bridge to cross. This is a huge investment opportunity to develope here. Being in a third world country is a perception I view not to acknowledge. I like to think of it as progressive and growing with a government harness to drive it slowly. Correctly, so progress does not eliminate jobs but produces them.

What do you think? Backward or progressive?

Costa Rica


Another Perfect Morning

Up in Lake Arenal,it is another perfect morning

The Howler Monkeys barking in all their glory

The orphan dogs barking their replies

The hooting calls by the doves on the power lines

All asking you to awaken and see

The beauty awaiting thee

A cool brisk breeze

Bright colors all around me

Orchids of bright red, purple and yellow

Good morning they seem to bellow

The white blossoms of the palm tree

Speaks to tell, “bow down in front of me”

I thank it by giving a salute

The Oropendola gives its gurgling hoot

Beautiful with its vibrant colors

Red, black, and yellow tail

A beautiful Orange beak calling for others

As he stretches he seems to say

“Look at me, I am beautiful today”

I continue to sit on my rocking chair

Enjoying the great morning air

Just another lovely day

Having it my way

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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