What is important in life? It is different in every person. For me it was looking for a different environment. A stress free, fresh air, quiet arena where I feel free and healthy. Not incumbered in debt, politics or a feeling of being buried alive in torment. I would have a nightmare of being buried alive in a glass coffin. It would fill up with water and I would start to suffocate and I  awaken. I would have this dream after some dramatic episode . A bombing, an argument , anything that would happen during the course of my day that influenced me negatively.

In two thousand- eight my beloved wife passed away and my dream became worse, more frightening. I went for a check up with my doctor and I was diagnosed with sleep apneah. I was told to lose weight and look for a stress free environment. They told me I need to be on a machine and I said no. I would do anything they asked of me but that machine. I opted to visit a less stressful environment. I visited Lake Arenal, Costa Rica and never looked back. I found fresh air and Excercise andlost fifty-five pounds. A total of one hundred pounds in five years. I realized what was important for me.

What is important to you? Is it selfish to think of oneself first? In the matters of existing on this earth, yes. Do you miss the people you love? Yes, but you can always visit. They can visit. I believe every human being needs to weigh what is important to them and the people they love. In my case, my family members are fiercely independent and live their own lives their way. Why be a tiresome dead weight in their lives? Be part of their independence without interfering. Once I was a constant visitor; always calling for a place to stay when I visit family. Now it is time for them to visit me. Of course I made it more difficult for them since I live so far away.

There are many things that are important to people. My Sisters,nieces and nephews are important to me but they live their own lives. Busy doing what they like to do. I am no different. Being retired it was important to work at living a longer more comfortable life. Just a little bit longer,Lord. I learned to appreciate what was done for me. My retirement income and the love of great people past and present.

It was important that I was not “too soon old, too late smart”. Plan what is important to you and live a long and prosperous life. Pura Vida!



In the Quiet

I found that place in the quiet
That space of inner silence
The calm before the storm
A disappearance of the norm

Like being drugged
Expecting the numb
Not an empty feeling
Which often sends you reeling

Another place filled with joy
The inner peace of a quiet little boy
Lost in the moment
A peace your smile seems to enjoy it

A radiation of your mind
A cleanliness sublime
Light seems brighter
Your body lighter

Your surprised
With closed eyes you realize
It is your moment
Released from all torment

You relax and just be
Shhh! You feel free






Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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