Racists ugly head


IMG_3364I am an old white man who lived through the race riots of the sixties and seventies. Burning buildings of Watts, The shooting of Martin Luther King and the Kennedy men.  I remember as a nine year old boy calling out the “N” word on the side walk of my Catholic Grade school as black children walked by my non segregated grade school. After all, I learned from the best racist, my mom and dad.

Memories I will never forget. Race riot an a high school all star game. Just after the Watts riots. Friends of mine participating as I run out onto the field asking a black student why is this happening? He shrugs his shoulders and and stopped and we cried. We did not know what to do. I remember my father berating my brothers wife because she was Lebonese. My brother defending this beautiful woman. This was at an age when I began to think for myself. Why do people act this way? Did you have a family like mine? Dad was a product of his father who had to fight discrimination from people who were not Irish. In a time when jobs in Chicago went to everyone other than the drunken uneducated Irish. So was the status, perception of hard working Irish.

It was hard to fight my father’s predjuces? When he was an eight year old boy he ran numbers for the mob through his grandfathers saloon. He had his own Irish gang to protect their neighborhood. He was indoctrinated into this way of thinking at an early age and reinforced as he grew older. My mother grew up with the same way of life. Both were to stubborn to change their way of thinking. Yet, they did not force their thoughts on their children ( unless their outburst did ?)as we began to think for ourselves. My sister married a Hebrew, and I married a non catholic. A Baptist for heaven sake, My dad welcomed her with open arms. Go figure! The Catholic Church would not marry us unless she became a CATHOLIC. I left the church. I felt this prejudice was setting the wrong example. Prejudice  raised its ugly head. Racism has different forms doesn’t it. Not racism? Just hypocracy?

I still have prejudice in my blood. I hate profiling races to meet an agenda. I hate policeman shooting unarmed blacks or whites or any other ethnicities.I hate black men who punch out old white people for fun. Sneaking cowardly behind them in a surprise attack. I hate the patriot act, it is an envision of our first amendment rights. I hate the idea of a wall to close off our country. Are not our actions today closing us off from the rest of the world?

I hate the idea we are all color blind. We can not get past the color of ones skin. I saw in Facebook today, groups wish to destroy a monument dedicated to the Southern Confederacy. A beautiful monument of southern heroes who fought for slavery. Can you blame the black organizations that are against this memory? Anything that promotes racism, wether it is against blacks,white, Mexicans or any other race or religion should be blown off the face of this earth. Obliterated from our memories unless it is used to show people we are not like that anymore. We will not tolerate racism or intolerance of any kind. Period!

May you love each other in peace and harmony!


Reason below.



Insignificant voyages of emotions;
Anger which causes commotion;
Depression, unrelenting, uncontrolled;
Hard to keep one whole.

Love, hate, similar yet different,
Deep seeded, rooted in experience.
Nonbeliever in the thunderbolt,
Not willing to jump with the jolts.

Hate, a useless tool for superiority.
Ignorance is no excuse for inferiority.
Flush for relief.
Less stress keeps a strong heart beat.

Crying, a release of emotional strain.
No man or woman can explain,
No way to hide the pain.

Most feelings are deep-seeded.
Some make the heart bleed.
Can feelings be recaptured?
Nurtured over time, released in the future?


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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