Costa Rican Men

The one absolute I have found is the Costa Rican men look young. My neighbor is generous and kind. His body is strong and fit. I thought he was fifty-five years old. He works like a twenty-eight year old man. His actual age is seventy-one years old. I was flabbergasted. At first I thought he was pulling my leg. I asked the neighbours and they gave me the same answer. You have men ninety years old still cutting grass and building homes. It must be the air. They are particular with what they consume: very little sweets, nothing artificial, and very little to no bread. A lot of legumes and rice, tomatoes, vegetables and fruit. Very little meat. A little beef but mostly chicken.

When I arrived in Costa Rica I lost fifty-five pounds. Being a gringo I found more Americanised foods. Hence, my weight loss stop. You cannot find American deserts in the restaurants out here. Like my neighbour says you do not need it. He is an amazing man. I watched him cut down a dozen or so trees thirty feet tall. Never take a break while the young men tossed the trees  away. I retired at sixty years old and am going back to work. He has influenced me into supervising the building of my new house. Of course, most of it will be the landscaping of the yard.

My neighbour is gregarious and fun to be around. He speaks Spanish and no English and talks a hundred miles an hour. Sometimes I ask him to despacio( slowdown) so I can check my Google Translator for some words. He laughs and continues to talk. I just nod my head with approvement. Most Costa Rican men are patient and kind. A little on the Male chauvinist pig side. Not my neighbour , You can see him hold his wife’s hand all the time. When he sits on their porch with his wife you can see them holding hands. When people drive by they call out his name and say hi or pull over to talk.

If he sees something unusual he will ask you about it. This is why I like Costa Rica. Friendly people willing to lend a hand. They are religious and caring people. People you enjoy to be around. Pure Vida

Trust me you will like it!

The Costa Rican Lady

She was short; Maybe forty five kilo’s
She wore sandals and walk like she were on pillows
Quietly with purpose
She wore a skin tight dress with a matching purse

It was white with a plunging neckline
You couldn’t help but stare she caught your eye
The diamond set in the crevice of her breasts
Stiletto shoes to compliment the dress

A droopy Panamanian hat shaded her eyes
Bright red with a white ribbon hand tied
Again you stared and she caught your glance
She smiled, laughed, as she put you in her trance

“You like what you see?”
Suddenly you wake up from your dream
You put your head back down
Give a little frown

Tomorrow you leave Costa Rica
Even if you dreamed of a Chiquita
You had a great time

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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