Are you the kind of person that helps people when asked? You know, the johnie on the spot kind of person that drops everything to help a friend out. You believe in the law of reciprocation: what goes around comes around. You wait for the come around and it never shows up. You blow it off and remind yourself that you do it for the greater good not for payback. You ever feel like throwing in the towel and saying xxxxx xx!

You ask for help but people seem to be doing something important and can not help you. You feel slighted and you remind yourself of your positive affirmations. Do unto others,etc. You never ask for help unless you are in a jam. It is at that precise moment you know who your true friends are. My wife had an emergency. She had double vision and drove herself to her doctors office. The doctor told her to go to emergency. The doctor wanted her to go by ambulance and she said no. I was working a late shift and I do not know why she did not call me but she did call my best friend. Being an independent contractor he dropped everything he was doing. Rushed her to the hospital and called me. I left work and met them at the emergency room. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor. How do you repay a person who helps you out with any questions asked? A friendship for life. Unbridled affection, a brotherhood that is well honored.

Those who do not act In that way have no room in my heart. Few people would do that. That is why I count my friends on one hand. People who help when the going gets tough; the others are acquaintances that fall to the wayside. Some I never bother to communicate with. Those takers are gone because you never receive from them. Like the twelve step program says: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; the courage change what I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Sounds like working on relationships too, doesn’t it ?

What do you think?



“She followed her rules of kindness:

1.   Sticky notes any where to express her love
2.   Hall Mark cards when you lest expect them
3.   Patience
4.   Express your feelings
5.   Never go to bed angry
6.   Personal thoughts in letters
7.   Never let a day go by without telling your partner “I love You”
8.   End a phone call with your partner and “family with “I love you”

9.   Hug and hold hands when ever possible
10.   Listen to children. You will be surprised with what you will learn.
11.   Find ways to keep relationships alive

I could go on into infinity explain the genuine kindness of Marian. I am proud of my wife and hope people can follow in her foot steps. The world would be a better place.
I hope you enjoy my poetic memories and take the time to enjoy each other in life. Do it before it is too late. I love you!”

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Passages From Her Cards.” Xlibris Corporation, 2012-04-03. iBooks.
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