Living in Costa Rica

It started out clear skies and sunny and by ten A.M. It is pouring rain. Today we left early to get blood test done but had to go to Tilaran. There were about two hundred people waiting, but it took only fifteen minutes. Friday I went to the clinic for prescriptions and it took three hours. Go figure. It is always an adventure to go to the clinic in Nuevo Arenal. Never a boring moment. Do you have this situation when you visit the doctor? In Las Vegas, taking my girlfriend to her specialist seemed to take two hours. It was like a cattle call. The office sits were filled with patients and it cost one hundred dollars.

I pay  fifty dollars a month. No charge for doctors or regular prescriptions. So what if I need to wait awhile. I have my I pad and I do my work. Next week I go to San Jose for a Costa Rican drivers license. That should be fun. Right now I am not allowed to drive because I went over my  ninety day limit on my passport. Once I get the license I can drive for to years and need to renew. You need to be relaxed and go with the flow.

No need to ruffle feathers because they will accidentally forget about you. Such are the ways of Costa Rica. Business is like personal life here. It will get done when it gets done. I believe we will head to Nasaro beach at the end of the week. First We are taking the car in for a tuneup. It Kees dying out. eighty m colones, about one hundred and sixty dollars. Clean the injectors and new spark plug wires and spark plugs. Not bad.

Just another day in Costa Rica. PURA VIDA!

Cattle Call

The Cattle Call

Doctors drive them in like a herd of cattle.
It’s enough to get you rattled.
They march to the window to pay their fee.
No treatment unless they see the green.

Must be because of loss,
Cancer is the deathly boss.
How many survive the treatment?
After all, bill collectors cause resentment.

Fear of dying has a cost.
Must dignity be lost?
Loss of hair,
Most in wheelchairs.

Every diagnosis is cancer.
Is radiation and chemo the answer?
Most die after treatment.
Those left behind hold the resentment.

I pray to God every day
Make death a quicker, easier way,
A heart attack or aneurism,
Any quick ism.

Cancer brings only death,
Loneliness and pain for those who are left.
More kindness, I implore.
Do not make dying a tremendous chore.
If I have a wish to make,
One less person cancer shall take.


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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