The Art of listening..

IMG_4192The art of listening takes years to learn. My dogs LaLa and Lulu are experts in a short few years. Look at the attention they give me when I talk to them. Those sad eyes seem to tell me:” why are you so far away? Do I have to?

People have the attention span of a fly. You talk to a friend, nine out of ten times they are thinking of something else. A woman maybe thinking of their children and will not hear you. If it is a subject that bores them ( like this blog) they walk away.

I like the people who just say yes ( me) and nod their head. You ever get to the point where you want to tell them they are full of  xxxx! Politicians are a prime example. I have a low tolerance for people who have all the answers. I usually need to count to ten before I open my big mouth. How about you? Religion and politics is one of my buttons. Everyone has answer but no one has a solution.Facebook has become the arena of  “I have all the answers”. I work at counting to ten and abstain from commenting. How about you? 1,2,3….




People and their opinions
Is like eating raw onion.
When faced with facts you do not like,
You close your senses for spite.

Like onion breath, you turn away,
Unwilling to be swayed.
If they used your type of Listerine,
You would follow him into a latrine.

People say they listen,
But is it done with conviction?
Do they hear what is being said?
Or is the sand to deep
When they buried their head?

“Get a life,” you are told.
Maybe I am too bold
Or maybe too old
To hear beyond what I am told.

I do not believe everything I read.
I am cautious and take heed,
Not to be sucked in by the greedy
Or the socialistic needy.

I wish to believe
We will hold the freedom we achieved.
It was won with a cost;
Many lives were lost.

Slowly, our Constitution is being shredded.
I am fearful where we are headed.
Yes, I have lots of time to pontificate.
Maybe I should oblate.


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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