Go figure!!

It is a wonderful here in Aguacate, Costa Rica. I have been here over a year and had very little problems. Can you say the same? I profess very little crime no murders, no accidents, no break ins and guess what? Last night a burglar broke in at Two- thirty in the morning. We live in a small house, the flashlight was twenty feet from our bed.

I got out of bed,  reached for my three foot machete and slapped it against the door jam as Corina yelled “get out!” The burglar turned around and bolted out the window. He was gone so fast I never saw him running up the hill. He went through a small hole in the screen. He must have been a small person. The front porch light was left on and my car was in the shop. Just begging for trouble!  Go figure!

Nothing was stolen except our nerves and inability to fall back to sleep. What astonished me was the fact the dogs slept through the beginning of the break in. Only when they saw the light did they bark . Go figure! They bark at everyone walking down the stone road fifty feet from the house.

Needlessly to say we had our first real brush with crime. In Las Vegas I became paranoid with the criminal activities. So much so I bought a automatic twelve gauge shot gone for the house and three pistols for my car. Got a concealed weapons permit and went to the range once a week. I wanted to be proficient with my weapons.

I feel comfortable  even though we were broken in. I went to the neighbors and told them the situation and they  will help us watch the homes in Aguacate. I love living in Costa Rica and have made it my home. Go figure! Pura Vida

Uneasy guiet

An Uneasy Quiet

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometime stirs.
A good night sleep, fully restored,
Why do I have feelings I deplore?

An uneasy quiet, a sense of doom,
No dogs barking, birds singing, or chimes in the room;
No breeze to rustle the leaves in the trees;
No cars or trucks to be scene.

An uneasy quiet that puts the senses on alert,
My mind, my ears ring my concerns,
Alone with my imaginations,
My consternations.

Is it the quiet before an earthquake?
Or am I in a dream, not awake?
I look out the window, and the limbs begin to sway.
The leaves rustle, fall their way.

My dogs are yapping.
The bird songs are back.
The eerie feelings are gone.
Nothing appears to be wrong.

It is hard to put into words
The uneasiness calm sometimes stir.


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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