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I have written poetry all my life. Love sonnets to my wife or girlfriend or sitting down and writing verse. The link above is a link to all my books. Do you like to write or read poetry?  I have written ten books of poetry and published them through Xlibris .com. The link goes directly to my author’s book store page. Easy access to my books and easy payment procedures. If you are a kindle fan , Amazon or Barnes and a Noble fan you can buy them there. In softcover, hardcover  or ebook versions.

I first published in 2011, Odes to Life and Love. My wife, Marian passed away of brain cancer and I was devastated. From diagnosis to death was only six weeks. I wrote a short story about the last days of her life: “The last seven days”. It was the last seven days we together in the hostel room. I will publish it soon.  ” Odes to Life and Love is part confessional, part guilt,loneliness and despair.  My wish was to give people a glimpse of a wonderful woman whom always had charity and love in her heart. Was she Mother Theresa? No, but a fabulous lady.

Next book published was: Passages From Her Cards in 2011. Marian was a sorceress of her cards. She had boxes filled with cards for all occasions. If you were a friend or relative, you would receive a card constantly. In her own way, it was here way of keeping in touch, mend a fence or bring you comfort. I kept her cards and wrote poetry about her and what she was communicating. My wish in this book was to capture her essence. My love for her.

Travels with the Wild Man series  is an attempt to show you our wonderful country and maybe convince you to get out and explore. If you are disabled and can not travel, you travel with your imagination, my pictures and poetry. “Travels With The Wild Man l,ll, lll,and lV are travels to Canada and The western USA. As far as Sturgis South Dakota.

in 2012 I had amassed a myriad of poems I wished to publish. They ranged from love to despair, anger, guilt, loneliness, loss and enjoyment. Politics, military and homeless was topics in the newspaper. Every thing from our poorly run justice system to the patriot act was bearing down on my mind. It was a frustrating time for me so I vented  through my poetry. I was doing my favorite hobby, riding my full dress Harley around the country working at enjoying life. A Collection of Poems was fun to publish.

2015 I published “Understanding”. It was given 4 out of five stars from Good Reads .com. I am proud that this group thought it as a worthy accomplishment. It was a time in my life when answers were missing and I was looking for questions to be answered. I felt alone even though I had great friends around me. Have you ever experienced this?

By 2015 I made a major change in my life. I visited Costa Rica with my girlfriend Corina. Since Dec 2009 she was my companion on my trips. In 2012 our two dogs LaLa and LuLu  became riding buddies. We put fifty-five thousand miles on the Harley together. Fishing poles, dogs,Corina and luggage we traveled on the Harley. 2015 I sold my bikes and bought property in Costa Rica. I wrote “Poems from Costa Rica” and published it. It is my wish that  the reader feels the essence of the country and its people. I love Costa Rica and I hope you love my poetry of Costa Rica.

Last but not least: The Lonely Rider is a short story in verse. A story of love , family revenge and finding love after a loss. A hero on a motorcycle. Of course he rides a Harley Davidson! It was fun developing an imaginary hero who rides the western coast of America. Mark is the hero looking for justice in an evil world.

I hope you stayed with me on this blog. Use the URL Tim at the top of the page to buy my books. Until next time PURA VIDA!

Morning Reflections

In Costa Rica, I seem to reflect more

Especially in the early morn

As the rain softly taps on the window pane

Calling me awake this day

Bringing back memories

Those childhood remembrances of family

Playing basketball in the backyard

Chasing little brother around the yard

Sitting in the shade on hot summer days

Playing monopoly all day

Sipping on cool aid

Laughing as we play

I remember riding my bicycle down our rocky roads

Bouncing to and fro

Holding the handlebars tight

Bouncing up and down on the seat real high

Mom calling us with her whistle

Louder than the sound of a guided missile

Calling us from play

Lunch must be ready

The quiet nights with mom and dad

Watching television, we were Bonanza fans

Those days I wish to remember

Brining back loves ember

The rain pounds more loudly

The skies grays cloudy

Memories fade as the storm strengthen

Lightning and thunder cracking

Fondly, the memories fade

Until I awaken to another day







Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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