The Vote

Is it important to vote? Do you vote? Does your vote matter? Do we have any influence on the outcome of the election? Is there a Mr. Smith in Washington to sway politicians to do the right thing? Our nominated representatives are not in that category. I have become disallusioned with our process. If we did not have welfare, unemployment, would there be less voters at the voting booth? Or do they bother to vote since they feel entitled?

I ask these guestions because ” Big Brother” passes legislation without the acceptance  of congress. Pass legislation the people do not want because they deem it in the interest of the people. Like they know what is good for you. Now they can hack your computer, look at your financials, confiscate your passport, control every aspect of your life. Sure sounds like the George Owell fiction 1984 I read as a teenager. Back then I said that would never happen. Boy was I wrong!

I wish our country to protect us but not to the point of taking away my constitutional rights. I had a friend who made a stupid mistake and was associated with the wrong people. Was thrown in jail for two years. He was innocent. Had no proof of wrong doing yet he could not get out of jail. We hired an expensive lawyer and his hands seem to be tied. He had so many cases he seemed to leave my friend in limbo. At the beginning of the proceedings the judge said he was going to give him fifty years in jail.

Do you think my friend had a chance, an opportunity for freedom? If the people you trust can not be biased and the attorney you hire is too busy. What choices are you given? Before you are arrested government convenes a grand jury. A group of your peers gathered together with the trial judge and the district attorney. You have no one to represent you. The District attorney can bring in a witness who lies to the grand jury. The D.A. Can lie. All they want is the arrest warrant.

Does this sound like fairness? Innocent before found guilty? Does your vote really count? My friend pleaded out after two years in jail. He received a minor felony count.

Can not work in his chosen field. Some of his civil liberties destroyed.They stripped him of his social security while he was in jail. He had to pay back what social security paid him( did the government pay back to social security?). Then he would receive his benefits. That’s right it is a benefit now. Soon we will lose what we paid in for when we are DEEMED  TO NOT NEED IT ANYMORE !

After watching our system of government at work and the way society is today I deemed it necessary to go to Costa Rica. For the first time in my voting life I do not see my vote matter. How about you?




“It is starting to happen
The erosion of our liberties my Captain
Fight the battle against hypocrisy
Is not the patriot act to save humanity?
Complacency is our sin
As our liberty begins to loosen
Armed soldiers at our airports
Wire tapes and individual reports
Social security numbers with our names
Cameras to watch our shame

Pat downs on the streets

”Profiling in car seats
No such thing as a deposit box
No more safety; no more locks
Government infusion is a way of life
Soon human bar codes to identify
We put chips in our dogs
Just practice for the human log
An easy list to identify
Want to make sure your not a spy
Slowly we lose our freedom
Are we losing our reason?
O’Captain fight for our way of life
Repeal all the unwanted tripe”

“Bring back our American dream
Show us our red, white, and blue Liberty!”



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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