PURA VIDA! Today is a beautiful day. It is the first Sunday of the month and time for the Feria. An outside shopping arena for produce, plants, mini sliders ,yogurt, and other foods. Gringos selling along side the Ticos.Having fun,  meeting new people as well as old friends. We need cilantro and there is none to be bought. All the stores are out. First time in fifteen months we could not find cilantro. We bought some homemade bacon . It was smoked and not cheap, but does it taste good.Yummy!

We gossiped for an hour and bought what we needed and went home.We set up a couple of wicker chairs with extra pillows and a couple of stools for tables. Made a couple of margaritas and are enjoying a relaxing day.Clear blue skies, peace and quiet is the order of the day. Brought the dogs pad out so LaLa and LuLu did not need to lay on the tile patio.

We will go to a drive in movie this afternoon. That is our patio and the computer watching a movie on Netflix. Tough life,  ugh! You are welcome to join us anytime. Bring the Tequilla! We are getting ready to go to the Costa Rican DMV on Tuesday. I will go to the doctor a block from the center and have a quick physical, eye test and blood drawn. Get a letter from the doctor saying I can drive and go get my license. No test to take. I show them my American license and they give me a Costa Rican one. It will take about three hours.

That is the extent of our life this week. Nothing too exciting, We are saving money for the property we bought. WE hope to be building soon. Can’t wait!!  whoa! I need another Margarita with dinner. I hope you are all well and getting the best out of life!

Pura Vida!


The Little Old Lady Who Lived All Alone

The little old lady lived all alone
She never had children to call her own
She had three sisters and three brothers
Nieces and nephews who loved to smother

Nary a day would go by without a visit
They loved to see her for she was exquisite
Two days a week she would volunteer
At the local hospital the last twenty years

Mondays and Tuesdays were her days
To visit the cancer ward where little children stayed
She wore a Christmas vest with little bells
As she entered the children yelled their hellos

Those who couldn’t, she went to their beds
Took the time to put green and red scarfs on their heads
She read The Night Before Christmas and caroled away
Telling them Christmas for us is everyday

She would leave kissing every child on their head
Giving them all the love that she had
She would go home to her little house
Picked up the picture of her loving spouse

He passed away from cancer several years ago
Thanked him for the character he had shown
She had a small yard with no grass at all
Rows of flowers in the spring and fall

Red and yellow roses, blue and pink carnations
Daisies, poppies, and marigolds with different color combinations
From her bedroom she could look down
The flowers pictured out I love you
No need to frown

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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