The Sunsets of our life

In the sunset years of our lives as the years diminish and we start to have a certain diminish capacity. Our eyesight slowly weakens, your walk becomes a slower gate. Your quick wit is a little slower and your life starts to slow done. Do you expect it as part of life? Or do you write a note on a piece of paper,crumble it up and trash it! What do you do?

There are certain things I see in my life I have no control of: eyesight, aches and pains ( a lot of them), inability to always balance correctly, these I go to the doctor for. I do not want medications for my aches and pains. Unlike my arthritic girlfriend who has extreme pain and needs the medicine, I prefer to manage it until it is impossible to live comfortably. I do not want to be controlled by pain relievers.

I wish to enjoy my sunsets with the realization there are not many left. We exercise moderately and eat good quality foods: rice and beans , cauliflower, broccoli, green  beans, chicken and fish. All fresh from the farms of CostaRica and our abundant Pacific Ocean. Once a week we go to a local restaurant and have lunch. We never go out at night for dinner. We have changed our eating habits and seldom eat after three in the afternoon.

Yesterday we had two margaritas as we sat on the porch enjoying the weather and the coming and goings of Aguacate. Watching my neighbours house on Sunday is always fun. People  stop by to say hi or his family visits. He is a large well built man . Very active and at the age of seventy-one lets no one tell him to slow down. He looks like fifty years of age. He is someone I wish to emulate. Wouldn’t you wish to be vibrant in old age? He does not drink alcohol or sodas and works.

Control your later years! Quit your debilitating habits. Walk! Walk. Get eight hours of sleep. If  you have trouble sleeping at night do not worry about it. Take a nap in the afternoon. Get out and enjoy life no matter how much your hurt. Use your walker or wheelchair. Push yourself!

Pura Vida!


The Walker

She gets up early from her warm bed
Looking forward to her day ahead
She makes her bed one sheet at a time
Balanced against the bed she does just fine

Her walker close by so she can walk
Balanced precariously between the floor and the walls
At ninety years old her stability is gone
Her mind is sharp, her eyes are strong

She walks with a hunch but a strong steady stride
She loves her independence
Hates anyone’s dependence
Her children want her in a retirement home
They fear for her safety; she rather be alone

She lives in a small senior apartment
Tenants watched over by a managerial department
Maintenance person to help fix what is broken
A place were harsh words are never spoken

It has two rooms and a bath
The floor is cleared of obstacles in her path
The living room has a table and a television stand
A rocker just at the other end
From the bedroom it is to the right
A couch where she sometimes falls asleep late at night

In the middle is a table and chairs
Above a fan to stir the air
A small kitchen with the necessary appliances
The modern necessities she has become reliant

Her walker she positions between the kitchen table and living room
So she can navigate between the rooms
She balances off the table and the walls
Holding onto appliances so she won’t fall
When you visit she loves to entertain
You try to help she will give you a refrain
She wants to show her independence
She hates to feel dependent

We will walk to the neighborhood store
Try to keep up is a real chore
She hangs her purse on her walker
Occasionally she stops and becomes a talker

The walker has a built-in chair
Perfect for chatter and enjoying the fresh air
Her walker is her lifeline
A way to beat the daily grind

An escape from her affliction
Giving her a way to live life with conviction

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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