The Rising sun

As the sun rises in the east with it’s bright orange glow. Awakening the songs of the birds with a cool breeze relaxing my senses and helping begin another glorious day. After an unsettling night were the dogs barked at anything that moved. A gecko on the ceiling, a cat seranading it’s allusive lover. Dogs barking their discontent and myself telling my dogs to settle down. I looked forward to my rising sun.

Another great day in Aguacate, Costa Rica. The weather has been delightful. Fun days at the park, guiet  afternoon on the porch not worrying about a thing. Just vegging, enjoying what God has put forth. The realization I am very grateful for every extra day I can breathe and live healthy.Living in paradise has a price. You can not value it in dollars. It is a way to live. Moderate excessive and good natural foods. What else could you ask for? It brings a certain peace of mind, a natural state of meditation. You can not help but sit and think of nothing.

I close my mind off from all frustration. Sometimes I say, “You are oneness with the earth. Feel the sun, the breeze and listen to the earth speak to you””1,2,3,4, chirp, a cricket calls outside the window and a parrot squawks for his lover ¬†to meet. The howler monkeys are restless as an on coming dump truck heads to the construction site. Block it out the disturbance will pass. Silence once more . I take a deep breath and remember why I am here: peace of mind, health and a new start.

No more aggression, hate or animosity. No more playing a level playing field. Selfishly I wish freedom of my soul. I strive for a gracious heart. What about you? Isn’t it time to relent to Father Natures call? As Mr. Sol continues to rise I feel refreshed. Time to enjoy another extra day of life.



Morning Reflections

In Costa Rica, I seem to reflect more

Especially in the early morn

As the rain softly taps on the window pane

Calling me awake this day

Bringing back memories

Those childhood remembrances of family

Playing basketball in the backyard

Chasing little brother around the yard

Sitting in the shade on hot summer days

Playing monopoly all day

Sipping on cool aid

Laughing as we play

I remember riding my bicycle down our rocky roads

Bouncing to and fro

Holding the handlebars tight

Bouncing up and down on the seat real high

Mom calling us with her whistle

Louder than the sound of a guided missile

Calling us from play

Lunch must be ready

The quiet nights with mom and dad

Watching television, we were Bonanza fans

Those days I wish to remember

Brining back loves ember

The rain pounds more loudly

The skies grays cloudy

Memories fade as the storm strengthen

Lightning and thunder cracking

Fondly, the memories fade

Until I awaken to another day


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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