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I have written a blog for the past couple of years. It is a blatant attempt to sell my books. I wish the world to know of my poetry. Is it to make money? Yes, out of fear that someday I will lose my pension or Social Security. Do you feel this way about your economic world?

I am in a pleasant position, I have a good retirement and able to live with no worries about money. I do not live extravagantly but can enjoy life with trips abroad if I save correctly. The way of the world has me afraid for the future. Hence I am working in retirement; selling poetry for a living. I like to write everyday  and through my blog develop fans who would like to communicate their views with me. Hopefully to stimulate a friendly correspondence through my blog.

In the process, hopefully the reader enjoys my commentary. I do not ask people to accept my blogs writings but to communicate their own feelings and ideas. Do I ask too much? Maybe, but can we have fun? I am not an intellectual. Just an average Joe enjoying what he does, writing poetry, blogs and selling what I write. Every blog I leave a URL for you to discover my books and a poem from one of my books. If you have any suggestions , drop me a line at




Eight foot rod; fifteen pound test

The hook does the rest

Six a.m. The fish are jumping

A little walk to the river and my heart is thumping

Out of shape but enjoying life

Exercise is great What’s a little hike?

Trinity river; Crystal clear waters

Recent troubles do not seem to matter

We reach the Trinity River

Cool crisp air gives me a little shiver

Hundred yards from the Indian Creek lodge

I hook on a fly and crack my rod

It lands half way across the waters

We wait, the fly never falters

I cast and cast again

Forty feet away is my fishing friend

Suddenly my rod takes a dip

I give my rod a little tug

To sink the hook so the fish doesn’t slip

It is on tight and I reel it in

It tires and I reel quickly

I grab the net and sweep it in neatly

Eight pounds of fresh Water tenacity

It’s heart had a fighting capacity

A quick picture to show the gang

Set it in the water send the fish on it’s way

I ready my pole and cast again

Fishing, a great time with a friend

Time for lunch and a little break

Back at three; there is a beer at stake

Catch the largest fish and my friend buys

Back to the clear waters and blue sky’s

On the hunt for Steelhead

We stand in the shallow end

Cast to the deep

Too bad our catches we do not keep

It’s September the Salmons spawning

Salmon population has been falling

So we do our part and give the Salmon an head-start

It is the end of the day  and my body aches in every way

From my feet to my shoulders

It is the price you pay as you grow older

I would not miss An opportunity to fish

Would you?

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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