Five kick ass rides you should not pass up

Do ride a motorcycle and dream of vacationing for a month? Traveling up the West coast of the USA is a lot of fun. I miss the wind in my face, the scent of nature in my nostrils. The ocean mist saturating my face as I travel  Highway one . It is the first time in forty years I do not own a motorcycle. I sold my mortorycle to live and Costa Rica. I love Costa Rica but I miss the sense of adventure and the freedom you feel as you ride the open road. Seeking new roads to ride.

My rules of riding:

  1. Get up early when no one is on the main highways if you are in a hurry . In my mind schedule properly and do not be in a hurry,but traveling early with no traffic is a wonderful experience. When I was traveling a lot,  I was living in East Bay San Francisco and Las Vegas Nevada. I left early: three thirty in the morning because of the heavy traffic  by seven AM. In Las Vegas it was a must. Not so much because of traffic, but because in the summer it was already ninety-five degrees. You do not want to hit the dessert at a hundred and twenty degrees. Death valley can hit  one hundred and twenty-six  degrees. Not good.

I like to hit the dessert areas in winter, spring and fall. They are beautiful when the cactus flowers are blooming.Sunrises are spectacular  in the desert as are the sunsets. I have never seen a sunsetI did not love.

2. Ride to enjoy! My girlfriend and I prefer not to ride more than six hours a day or three tanks of gas. I had a six gallon tank on my Harley. One tank was good for two hundred and twenty miles because my bike was loaded with my girlfriend ,two puppy dogs, two fishing poles, box of lures and bags of clothes and necessities. The weight lowered my gas mileage.I had to stop and fish wouldnt you? You could be traveling for eight or ten hours a day but your actual riding is only six.

3. Plan ahead!  If you take off on a holiday it is imperative you plan months ahead. Being retired I like to plan at least six long trips ahead.  Long meaning more than two weeks. I plan what hotels to stay at and how far I am going to ride. One time in September my wife and I traveled up the California coast to southern Oregon. Going up was no problem but going home there were no hotels available because colleges were starting their fall semesters and families were bringing their kids to school for enrolment. Go figure! We  rode for ten hour before we pulled over at a beach and pulled out a sleeping bag. It was two AM and we were exhausted. Of course at six AM a park ranger woke us up and asked us to leave. I told him we came for the sunrise and he let us stay.

4. Take the time to visit historic sites and enjoy the areas. We would rather ride to a destination whether it is three hours or six and enjoy the small towns up and down the coast. Remember your are riding to relax and enjoy natures best.

Now to the rides:

5. Highway 20 in Oregon: From the bay area I would take highway 5 to Bend Oregon. It  is a mixture of farmland and business as you head north to Oregon and becomes beautiful as you hit grants pass and head to Bend Oregon. High way 20 is a beautiful transition to mountains and forest. It is a ride to take your time with.

4. Highway 138 outside Roseburg ,Oregon follows the Rouge River to Reed Port, Oregon. It takes you to a sanctuary for Elk. I love to take this loop from California to Oregan and back to California you will never be bored.

3. Anacortas is a ferry ride to Victoria, British Columbia and it is stunning. There are some many ways to get to this destination and all of the roads are scenic and beautiful. It is a fabulous destination. Look at a map and pick. Incuded at number three is the MIracle mile ride: San Carlos, Colorado to Telluride wher we stayed over night. It was off ski season in June so we got a big discount for our stay. in the morning we head to the top of the rockies at Richfield and head back down to Durango. It is truly magnificent! We got caught in a hailstorm . Luckily we had on our rangear and helmets. We slid around one tight corner and kept the bike upright. Amen! We got to our Hotel in Durango, walked in the our room when a hailstorm hit. Half inch hail! I was smart enough to put the bike cover on. Always challenging in Colorado.

2. My all time long distance ride took a couple of months. Las Vegas to San Francisco up  Highway one to Victoria British Columbia. We meticulously planned our trip and did not kill ourselves on this trip. We left in August and came home in late September. No rides over six hours long. We explored, stayed a couple of days at different locations and saw what we wanted to see. We contacted motels and hotels and they emailed us back things to do within one hundred miles of their hotel.We made a reservation for the Ferry in Washington and had to be there on a certain day. We made hotel reservations all along our trip. It was well planned and we enjoyed the ride.

  1. This is my most enjoyable ride. I took it often when I owned a home in BayPoint, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. I always went the long way around the dessert. I tried to pick a route that was cool. I rode out of Las Vegas at four in the morning heading to Utah. I took highway ninety three to highway six through the mountains . It dropped me onto highway three ninety five just at the outskirts of Bishop California. It took six hours to get there. I would stay the night at motel six. Have lunch at Jacks Diner. I loved it there . Friendly servers and owner. I would ride up into the mountains just east of town and do some stream fishing. I would sleep in and have breakfast at Jacks and leave around eight AM. Now the beautiful riding began. I would head to Lee Vining take highway one twenty to the gas station at Yosemite fill up with gas and head home to Bay Point. What made this ride my favourite is the time of year. In 2010 Yosemite had one of its largest snow packs ever. The park opened the second week of June. As you rode down into yosemite you could see snow covered Half Dome and it’s sister mountains, covered with ice and snow. The weather was beautiful, blue skies and sixty degrees. The snow was melting and splashing onto the roads from the slate mesas. Forming little water falls splashing onto the road. The sun made little rainbows as you rolled by. The sound of the Harley echoed through the canyon, yet I could hear the birds chirping and hear the leaves rustling n the wind. The dry fields were small iced ponds. The animals were awakening from hibernation. It was full of spring color and absolutely stunning. This ride will always be my favourite. How about you? Are you ready? Check out my Travel with the Wildman series. Travel logs of my travels with pictures and poetry. PURA VIDA.



The Deshutes River runs through the city of Bend, Oregon
At a nice little park that is beautifully done
It was mid September and the weather was cool
The sun was shining and the river, crystal blue
We woke at five in the morning ready to fish
Walking to the park I came to fish
“ Dear Lord give us no rain”
“ let me fish without any pain”
“let me catch a twenty pound trout”
“Let there be no doubt”

I fished all day and had a ball
Alas the fish were a bit small
At five P.M. as the sun went down
We went to dinner without a frown
A great day was had and all
were happy
Ordered our dinner and had a few beers
Yes were had trout!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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