Have you lost your way?

Are you tired of people telling you how to live your life? Bosses telling you  are stupid? Incapable to do a certain project?  Have they pushed your insecurities to the point you feel lost? Tell them to ( fill in your own words)! It happened to me to the point I wanted to hurt my boss. I was in the office with a boss and he had me crying. I was twenty three , six foot one, two hundred and seventy five pounds and I wanted to crush him. The frustration was building and I cried. I promised myself I would never let any man or woman do that to me again. I would find the courage inside of me and tell him I was not his emotional punching bag and if I was not the person for the job, fire me or show me how you want it done. That was in the early nineteen seventies. Now the abusers are more sophisticated. Rules are implemented to safe gaurd such actions.

We are taught at an early age how to respond to people. It takes years of reprogramming to change old habits. It is up to you to get unlost. I had a series of losses in my life. I kept them imbedded in my sole and continued to make mistakes after mistakes and locked them in a safe in my mind. Rehashing them everyday becoming more bitter as I grew older. Then it happened. Call it an awakening, a flash of inspiration or a time in life I grew internally. My wife was in her deathbed, she looked at me and said Thank you for being my   inspiration and life guide. You helped me the best I could be. Without you I would have hidden away in my house too shy to move forward. When I am gone find someone new and enjoy life. I love you. The truth is she changed my defeated attitude to one who would expect great things out of life. She changed the course of my life. Not church, self help Gurus ,or anyone else.Like the cliche says, if it going to be it is up to me!

Am I cured? Are you? No! You learn to flush bad thoughts and let yourself know it is ok to fail. The key is not to make the same mistakes over and over again and roll with the punches. Get off your ass and enjoy life, health and freedom of mind and spirit.It is up to you! Since the passing of my wife I followed her prescription for living. I have written and published ten books . I am living in Costa Rica and living each day as if it is my last. I pray to God every morning and night thanking him for this extra precious day of life. I am a very lucky man. I surround myself with people in my life who are supportive and want the best out of life. Shouldn’t you!!!  We should cherish life line the passionate little puppies below.

Pura Vida!


Beginning of the day

I hear a whining in the kennel
Our dogs seem to be unsettled
After all they slept all night
Who cares if it is only five

Quiet I say in a firm voice
After all is it not I who has the choice
Two hours later I awake
I reach down and open the gate

Out they bound in such a hurry
On the bed they scurry
Eager to play they scratch the covers
On top of me the lick and hover

I push them off and run to the door
They follow to play some more
They hurry to the kitchen to the doggy door
Jump on the glass as if to implore

Out they run and run
Playing in the cool morning sun


Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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