Long distance friends and family is eye opening

My family said I was crazy to move to Costa Rica. I moved anyway. Besides who needed their permission? When I lived in the states, no one came four hundred miles to visit me. I’m not crying sour grapes, but why are you always having to do the traveling? I know having kids makes it difficult. Come on, forty years of traveling back and forth you throw in the towel and say it is your turn. What about you? What do you feel about it?

Your friends are no different. You call and call but they never call. What do you do? Give up? I keep calling but I do it less often. I stopped trying to suggest to them to pay me a visit. No hotel charges or rental cars. What else do you need? Someone you wish to visit. A reason to go out of your way. It did not take a lightning bolt to open my eyes wide.

Family always have reasons for no shows and so do friends. I make no excuses and visit people on my terms. No longer do I lose sleep to visit anyone. I enjoy life and give them an opportunity to see me if the do not grasp the straw I toss it to the wind. One positive aspect of lost relations is you do not get involved with the petty problems and struggles everyone else seem to have.The only problem I have is where I can go and have fun. Being retired with nothing holding me back but me. Tough life!

How do you solve the hurt feelings you have had over the years? Remember you always put the first foot forward in having relationships. Those who do not respond you dump in the trash can of forgotten love. Pura Vida! Have a great life!



People and their opinions
Is like eating raw onion.
When faced with facts you do not like,
You close your senses for spite.

Like onion breath, you turn away,
Unwilling to be swayed.
If they used your type of Listerine,
You would follow him into a latrine.

People say they listen,
But is it done with conviction?
Do they hear what is being said?
Or is the sand to deep
When they buried their head?

“Get a life,” you are told.
Maybe I am too bold
Or maybe too old
To hear beyond what I am told.

I do not believe everything I read.
I am cautious and take heed,
Not to be sucked in by the greedy
Or the socialistic needy.

I wish to believe
We will hold the freedom we achieved.
It was won with a cost;
Many lives were lost.

Slowly, our Constitution is being shredded.
I am fearful where we are headed.
Yes, I have lots of time to pontificate.
Maybe I should oblate.




Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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