How do you know if you invested properly?

Investing money in today’s world is a scary proposition. You can investigate and be thorough and still lose your investment. Sometimes you can push all the buttons and POOF! It is gone. Years of hard work gone because you trusted a valued firm, Investment broker or on line business associate.

I received a liquidation letter from Swiss Metal Precious Metals. They specialize in precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum etc.  I  bought a basket of precious metals. It was a tidy sum from my retirement. The company had changed hands when the owner passed away and now has liabilities greater than its assets and is liquidating the firm. They act as if you need to have sympathy for them. Would you? I have worked at liquidating my assets for the last two months and recieved the stall. The company is stalling so they can’t exchange my precious metals for cash. I bought the metals from them but have them stored in Switzerland. What is the problem? Cash for metal, isn’t that why you put money into metals for quick access when you need it? like building a new home, going on a long vacation and enjoying life.

I will be contacting The International Living Group to let them know that I made this investment at one of their seminars. It was a company they endorsed. wait aminute they had one of those rules to cover themselves: we do not take responsibility for any purveyor we endorse at our conferences. They area paid purveyor to sell at our event. Interesting isn’t it? I believe they need to know they need to be more critical of whom they endorse. I went to the conference, naive and eager to make intelligent decisions in my life. Did I trust the wrong people? Sure looks like it.

I will continue to call Swiss Metal of Panama and ask for my investment. Be careful of how you invest and expect that there will be problems and hope for the best.



Can’t You See Me?

I live on the street poor and broke
Once I was an important bloke
Alcohol and drugs did me in
Lost my job, my wife and my kids

Ran away as the divorce began
Did not want anyone to know my plans
I drank to forget the pain
The betrayals I sustained

Hid from family and friends
Jack Daniels was my choice for a friend
I began to rob and steal
Life became surreal

Confused inebriation
Conflicting exaltation
Blackout induced peace
Was my only release

I stand on the corner asking for a dime
Begging for spare change so I can dine
My friends are my corner pals
Begging’s an art even for gals

We share our corner so we all survive
Chase off new beggars too stay alive
It is a war of attrition
A daily situation

I am here, can’t you see me?

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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