Ever feel emasculated or wronged?

To deprive of strength or vigor; weaken. Synonyms: debilitate, undermine, devitalize, soften. Has this ever happen to you? Some one you love makes fun of something you did and the friend chimes in.What do you think? Is it demeaning, emasculating, how do you feel? Angry,betrayed or disrespected? You work all your life for respect, honor and in a short two minute span they make you feel small,insignifacant

You get angry, things have been building up inside of you the last few weeks. Those little aggravating jibes you dismiss as funny jabs but it is debilitating to your psyche. It builds because you like these people and then you explode. Why do I put up with this? I treat people well. Since when have I become the pin cushing to jokes?

You decide on a meeting to address their behavior. You want to be treated better or it is Adios. You talk to them and they say it is your own fault. You make them do it. Only you can make yourself feel bad. Guess what? See ya! You tell them they are full of you know what. I want to be treated with respect. I have earned it. They look at you dumb founded. They do not understand why you do not understand what they say. Isn’t that a signal of a sociopath? One who has no feeling for people. Can you feel me?

Pura Vida!


“It never seems to astound me
How cruel man can be,
From genocide of the Neanderthal
To religious fevers’ call.

Genghis Kahn ravaged villages, leaving no men,
No boys to seek their revenge.
Our pioneers’ willingness to expand,
Extinguishing whole tribes of the American Indian.

Hitler’s attempt to eliminate the Jews,
The voices against him were a mere few.
Rwandan civil wars lost eight hundred thousand lives;
Twenty percent of its people did not survive.

It is a sad song we play,
The stanza repeats every day;
Man will become extinct
If we do not take time to think.
“Stop genocide around the planet.
Governments must come to understand it.
Together, we can save mankind.
Differences must be set aside.

Or is there no hope?
No one can save us, not even the pope.
No Allah, no God, only man
Can save us in the end.”

Excerpt From: Timothy M. Nugent. “Understanding.” iBooks.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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