Do you have a favorite recipe

My sister is a great desert maker. She learned by baking with my mom. Mom was a great cook and baker who passed on her knowledge and cookbooks to her daughter because she loved to cook and make up recipes. How about you? Did mom pass baking onto you? This is one of my favorites of my mom’s breads. My father wanted homemade bread and desert every day. Back in the fifties and sixties moms were stay at home moms. Few woman took mens jobs in those days. Their job was to raise the children when dad was at work. My mom was the cook, chauffeur, bottle washer , gardener, launderer, plumber, painter all around doer of everything. She was amazing. As we grew older she became a supervisor and head of the corporate home. Giving everyone duties in the house hold. There was too much for her to do. So I became the gardener who cut the lawn. All the kids cleaned their own rooms and only finished when mom said it was clean. WE all cleared the table washed dishes and helped cook if she gave us permission to do so.

She showed anyone who wanted to learn how to cook how it was done. I did it so much that I went into the restaurant business and owned my own restaurants for twenty years. But my sister Debbie had the white flower hands for excellence in baking. She could make chocolate carmel brownies that would knock your socks off. Red Velvet cake that screams, “eat me!” My favorite saying was: “ever see a skinny cook?”  “Do not eat there! He doesn’t eat his own food!” I still like to cook,but my girlfriend is a great cook so why bother. Maybe I am afraid she is better than I. Besides who cares, I’m retired and enjoy her cooking!

The holidays are rapidly approaching. I am looking forward to some great food. We are all getting older and it is harder to plan for the holidays.Busy lives and families stop all the fancy cooking. I hope for the best and have fun celebrating the holidays. You do the same. Give this recipe a shot and Pure Vida!!!

P>S> I have a piece of my Mom’s homemade Banana bread, thanks to my girlfriend Corina Life tough uh!

Banana Bread

Mother’s Day

I woke up this morning thinking of Mom
Thinking, how lucky I was she was on the job
Yes, being a Mom is twenty four – seven
She was up at five to bed at eleven

Awaken through the night by her children
Either by nightmares or fevers that were building
She was on call through the night
She was the sheriff that kept us safe and tucked in tight

She was the nurse who cleaned our bruises
Sang to us when we were down; never was a time she refused us
Gave us time outs when we were bad
We received all the love that she had

She has gone to her heavenly retreat
Sending us love through the memories we keep
I woke up thinking of mom
On this Mother’s Day the thoughts did not stop

I swear she was stroking my hair
Saying ” now,now, it’s ok I will always be there”
The smell of morning cooking: ham and apple pie
After all it is Mother’s Day as I open my eyes

Love you Mom



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Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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