The October Rain

Have you ever been in rain that was nonstop? Like in monsoons of India and Singapore or Vietnam. Months of rain like the biblical forty days and forty nights would be scary. The October rains of the rain forest can be like that. Two days of nonstop rain causes covered roads by avalanch mud and debris. Last week the road was closed to Nuevo Arenal for a day. Last year you could not get to La Fortuna because of a mudslide. It was so massive it took three or four days to clear. Last year, a bridge collapsed going to San Jose and the city was unreachable from La Fortuna. The rains can be devastating at times. Corina and I tend to stay in Aguacate and not venture out in the heavy rains. You tend to expect the unexpected. Much like the tornado and hurricane seasons of the United States; you stay close to home or head out of state. Somewhere where the weather is sunny and blue skis.

I prefer to stay home and listen to the heavy rains. It causes disruptions: blackouts, wifi failure and time to be alone. Funny way to put it, but you are unable to contact anyone. My wifi phone will not work. You have no  T.V. or e mail, messenger  or texting is impossible. I have a hotspot on my phone and I am using it right now to write my blog, but I may not be able to send it. Sometimes I can not receive emails with it, but I can play my word game. The other day the power was out for twelve hours and I used my  I pad off and on during the day and ran out of juice before the power went back on.

Life goes on. People on the East Coast and Northern USA go through inclimate weather and understand.  This weather is not an everyday happen stance. I learned to walk in the rain on most days because it does not get cold here. In Aguacate, Costa Rica, it very seldom gets over eighty-five degrees and under fifty-eight degrees. When it is hot you look forward to rain. Much like southerners in Georgia or Alabama on sultry hot nights. Who doesn’t enjoy standing in the rain on a hot sultry night then drinking mint tulips to refresh yourself.


Rainy Season

Saturday Morning
It is Saturday morning
As we lay in bed comforting Nestled in our warmth
Listening to the raging storm

No need to hurry
No plans to make us scurry
We hold each other closely
Under our covers toasty

The rain and wind is very loud
I can feel the rain pouring from the clouds
Pounding the roof and windows
Putting on a great show

Slowly the sun appears
The clouds slowly disappear
A rainbow that makes us smile
Looks like the rain is done for awhile

We get out of bed and dress to go outside
Sit on the porch with my lady by my side
Drink our favorite drink and remanence Laughing

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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