How do you live a long life?

How many centenarians do you know? How do they live a long healthy life?  My neighbor Miguel is seventy – two years of age. His mother lives down the block, she is one hundred and one years old. He drove them up the hill and ran back home like a twenty –  nine year old. When was the last time you saw a running seventy year old?

What keeps the people young in Costa Rica? I have a theory about this phenomenon. I have lived here for a year and a half. Not alot of investigative time, but I have seen several things that cause me to feel it is the rain.  It cleans the air and gives you a sensation of cleanliness. Few large trucks visit our area and cars are at a minimum. There is no major manufacturing companies with toxic residue spewing out of their chimneys or water pipes. The air is constantly being filtered. Maybe I am full of beans(which I eat a lot of), but I enjoy this fresh air and work at getting excercise.

The food the Tico eats is better. Better fruit and vegetables. Organically grown with no pesticides. Less red meat is eaten here, but with the advent of more Gringos, there is more red meat available for an inexpensive price. I have a tender filet mignon twice a month. Hamburger, about once a month because I go one and half hours to a meat company I found in Liberia, Costa Rica. Ticos eat a lot of legumes and nuts. Miguel comes home at lunch time and has a salad with legumes, nuts, tomatoes and various vegetables. Very little bread or chocolate is eaten by Miguel.

He does not drink sodas, beer or alcohol. He drinks fresh fruit water drinks and coconut milk or coconut water. I have stopped my alcohol consumption to almost nil. I have a margarita once or twice a month and limit myself to two. I drink very little beer. Almost zero in the month. I think this is a big factor in Miguel’s health.

Miguel does not do a lot of excercise. He works. His people work. Most construction digging is done with a pick and shovel. No backhole is used for retaining walls. Only for excavation. Costa Rica want the people to work. Many modern tools and equipment are not used. Another reason the people are strong and healthy. The workers take time to rest. They do not work a basic forty our week. They work until the job is finished. Living comes before work. Family is the number one priority.

Fresh air and activity keep the ticos strong and healthy. Here in Arenal the pace is slower and more relaxed. A fair cry from Las Vegas, Nevada where my home is. I am more relaxed and worry less in Costa Rica.



The Rain Forest

Low clouds and strange sounds are heard
Howler monkeys, sloths and exotic birds
Scenes out of a Tarzan movie
Monkeys flying from tree to tree
The lazy sloth laying on a limb
When does the Jaguar come in?

We walk closely behind a guide
He is telling us where the snakes lie
Nervously we look up the trees
Afraid spiders or snakes will sneak up our sleeves

At night we hear the monkeys and the frogs
Dogs bark out saying they belong
The thunder cracks as lightning fills the skies
Like silhouettes before your eyes

It shows through the thick forest roof
As sinister figures being aloof
The forest rang with the sound of the rain
Nary a droplet came

More like a mist to spare us
The violence going on above us
Soon we came to the forest edge
As large droplets fell upon our head

Drenched, we did not care
It cooled us from the humid air
The rain forest is a mysterious place
It makes your imagination race

The beauty explodes your mind
Like lost in a different time
Low clouds and strange sounds are heard
Welcome to the Rain Forest

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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