Are you too nice?

Are you one of those nice people that help others all the time. You never look out for yourself because you feel you do not need to. People will come if I ask them to. You are in high school and you have a boy you have a shine for. You ask your best friend to introduce you. She knows you want to go out with him but she ask him first. Ouch, what do you do?

You are a mom and you volunteer for your kids baseball team to do a project with another person who bows out at the last minute because she wants to watch her kid play. You are stuck by yourself to do the project. Two weeks latter this woman volunteers for a new project and ask you to help. What do you do?

The Good Samaritan always gets screwed. If you are too nice people will step all over you. Case in point, you come up to an accident and the car is on fire. You pull the guy out just as the car explodes. He is drunk and dizzy from the accident. He slips and falls and breaks his arm. He sues you for not catching him as he fell. Saying you tripped him when he got out of the car. What about saving the man’s life? What do you do?

Nice guys finish last is a lot of baloney. My wife was a good samaratin and had many good friends. She gave Hallmark Cards out for any reason. When she was on her deathbed at the hospital, the hospital room was so full that the nurse ask everyone but family to leave. She felt it was too stressful  for my wife. A nice person who had a long reach. During her lifetime there were times she was taken advantage off. She would not go away mad. She would just go away. Never to help that person again. She new when to pull the plug. When to say no. An integral moment for any nice person. Did she cry and ask herself why do I let this happen to me? It happens to all nice people because they do things without any expectation of getting something in return. Can you pay the price of being a nice person? Would you want to?

To be a nice person is honorable. You need to know when to say no. In my old age it is my favorite word. It keeps you from being needed. It is saying you will help on your terms not theirs. Nothing is worse than doing something you do not want to do because your friend wants you to. You will do a shabby job because the attitude is wrong. It is best to go away and come back another day. When I was young I had a lot of responsibilities. I did them because I wanted to and it did not feel like work. How about you do you get stuck at work doing a lot of things you do not want to do? Do not volunteer. Do what you like to do? Do not get stuck.

Be responsible to yourself and be nice to a point. Learn to feather out those who take advantage and those who are sincere. Be nice to everyone even the asshole. Just do not do anything with the detractors. They ask you why you tell them in your nice way or tell then to get lost. It is your life. How do you want to live.




The Little Old Lady Who Lived All Alone

The little old lady lived all alone.
She never had children to call her own.
She had three sisters and three brothers,
Nieces and nephews who loved to smother.

Nary would a day go by without a visit.
They loved to see her, for she was exquisite.
Two days a week, she would volunteer
At the local hospital the last twenty years.

Mondays and Tuesdays were her days
To visit the cancer ward where little children stayed.
She wore a Christmas vest with little bells.
As she entered, the children yelled their hellos.

Those who couldn’t, she went to their beds,
Took the time to put green and red scarves on their heads.
She read The Night before Christmas and caroled away,
Telling them, “Christmas, for us, is every day.”

She would leave kissing every child on their head,
Giving them all the love that she had.
She would go home to her little house,
Picked up the picture of her loving spouse.

He passed away from cancer several years ago,
Thanked him for the character he had shown.
She had a small yard with no grass at all,
Rows of flowers in the spring and fall.

Red and yellow roses, blue and pink carnations,
Daisies, poppies, and marigolds with different color combinations,
From her bedroom, she could look down.
The flowers pictured out “I love you,”
No need to frown.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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