How do you bounce back?

How do you bounce back from  a monetary crisis, physical crisis or a crisis of passion. Being strong takes unyielding energy. A tenacity that is unbending. You will go to your grave before you give up. In relationships that are hurtful you need to know when to cut the umbilical cord. You have been in a relationship for ten years. Invested money , time and love, but the relationship gives you ulcers, headaches, body pains and you continue because your in love. You  have been in and out of therapy and the situation is the same. Is it worth the tenacity to live in pain?

You made an invest and lost your money. In order to recoup it you must go to court. The fight would cost you more than your investment or you do not have the money to sue. What do you do? Worry about how stupid you look to your friends? No ,you move on. You write on a piece of paper: the investment is gone and throw it in the waste baskets of things that go wrong and move on. You made all the moves you could to recoup the investment. Now it is up to the law to prove wrong doing and move on.

As you grow old your body changes. Worn out bones and cartilage hurt. You go to the Doctor and he replaces a shoulder joint or a knee and you still hurt. What do you do? Did you follow the Doctors advice and lose fifty. Did you stop drinking, over medicating  and start an excercise program. I ache every day. I am a stubborn indivual who does not care for surgeries. Sometimes I think it is a venue for doctors to get rich. I am not in extreme pain. I do not do activities which make my body have excruciating pain. For instance, I do not throw a baseball around or lift heavy weights as I did when I was ten years younger. My excercise is talking walks at a pace that makes me exert a little energy and get the heart pumping. It’s knowing you limitations and using some common sense.

Life is meant to be fun. Not to be living in misery. How you treat yourself and others makes or breaks the life cycle. Living life tenaciously does not mean run rough shod over everyone. Enjoying life to the best of your ability with kindness and generosity, and being tough and tenacious when someone wishes to do you harm. Expect a healthy life and being strong when it is’nt. Never ivup having a good life!




The character of people who never quit
When in extreme condition,
They use their wits.
They reach down deep to get it done,
Whether in business or a twenty-six-mile run.

To follow through with extreme prejudice,
Like a threatened Judge for justice,
A woman protecting her children
Or overcoming an opponent on the gridiron.

Maybe tenacity is studying to pass a test
Instead of partying with the rest.
A lawyer’s pro bono,
A fireman saving a life in a fiery inferno.

Tenacity is in the pit of your stomach,
Making a decision that is going to hurt,
Realizing the choice is right
That you must endure the fight.

It is Marciano’s fifty straight win,
Muhammad Ali’s ultimate decision,
Life-changing, character embracing,
Tenacity encasing.

The character in people who never quit.



Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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