How’s your early mornings?


Sunday morning Corina sleeps in and gets some needed rest. I wait for her to make her coffee and my hot chocolate, a side of homemade raisin toast with peanut butter and honey produced in the Arenal area.

The neighbor’s rooster likes to come up to our bedroom window and crow. It either waits for us to get up or his ladies are not paying attention to him. A dove is in the tangerine tree wooing for a mate. Off in the distance the howler monkeys are calling out causing the neighborhood dogs to bark. LaLa and LuLu are being quiet. They know we do not like them barking at the dogs . Only at intruders, the unwanted persons in our yard.

I take a warm shower, wash my hair and body. It feels refreshing. I brush my teeth and comb my balding head and head outside to check the weather. Rain clouds in the distance, but sunny here in Aguacate. Rain will arrive again around eleven a.m. The dogs run outside to do their thing. Corina gets up to pamper me as I write. I love this part of our early morning ritual. It will disappear as the day grows long. Afternoons she slows down as her pain increases. Afternoons I pamper her as she needs to medicate to lessen the pain.

I love Sunday’s. Quiet , calm, serene. No heavy trucks or traffic to shake the airwaves. No loud motorcycles to cause your meditation to waver. The dove continues her calls as an oropendola makes her alien sound. The rooster must be upset. It is calling for the chickens to return and they must be taking their time. It happens to animals too?

We do not make a lot of plans for the week ends. Unless we plan on going to the beach or travel out of country. Corina wants to pack for her trip to visit her Mom. Corina will be gone for the month. For some reason she wants to make homemade loaves of banana bread and raisin bread. I tell her,she does not need to do that. I can fend for myself. I was a cook and an owner of restaurants for fifty years. I might as well be taking to the wall. I do not want her to exhaust herself before a ten hour trip. Relax I ask her . Oh well, life goes on.

I love the weather here. A cool breeze, sixty- five and sunny. “Corina, why don’t we go to the park in La Fortuna this morning. Have fun with LaLa and LuLu, do some window shopping and sit outside and have a snack?” She says she wants to pack and clean while I write. She has too much to do. Then rest the rest of the day. She will be in her manic role until about eleven. I will suggest she slows down and not wear herself out.

Tuesday we will go to Playa Coco. It is a half hour from the Liberia airport. Whenever we fly out of country we do this. We love Playa Coco and it keeps us off the road instead of a three hour round trip drive. We like to buy at the Mercado. We will bring the cooler and fill it up to the brim.

No big plans to travel for awhile. The trip to USA is a must because Corina’s Mom had a stroke three months ago. ┬áCorina was with her when she had the stroke. Corina will be there for a month to help out. Money is tight because we started to build a new home in Costa Rica. Life has been good here. We hope all is well with you. Enjoy a great life!



Early Morning

Over the mountains of the east
The sun begins to consume its feast
Ordering the blue skies to be bluer
The green valleys to be greener

The flowers must show a brighter yellow
Reds, purples must not be mellow
The pinks must calm the nerves
The wind must show a vital verve

God wants to show off Costa Rica
Our beautiful trees
Plants that drink a lot of rain
So glorious you stop to pray

Thank you for our early morning sun
That gives us our health and early morning fun
For the flowers, plants and singing birds
The howler monkeys barking words

As I walk the early morning
Thankfully adoring
Every living animal and plant
That God allows at a glance

I take a deep breath of fresh air
Filling my lungs without a care
No smog here you declare
Costa Rica beyond compare

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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