What is your favorite Holiday?

When it comes to holidays, Thanksgiving is my favorite. I like the Idea of being thankful. I like stuff Turkey more than steak. Think about for a second. When you have a steak dinner in restaurants you get steak and vegetable, or steak and potatoe. Very seldom in today’s menu world do you get both steak, potato and vegetable.

With traditional Thanksgiving Turkey you always get turkey, mashed, vegetable and stuffing ( dressing) as it is called in my family. Plus minced meat pie or pumpkin pie, usually homemade. It is a time to celebrate family, if no one is at odds with each other. I problem I find ridiculous. Why can’t people be less selfish and forget their differences. Oops that is another subject. Every family member chips in and brings different dish so good old mom does not get stuck doing everything.ūüėá It is a time of deep thankfulness, for family, friends, a good job,etc.

Christmas is more of a personal family holiday. A day you celebrate God ( depending on the religion you believe in) and you go to church. The people of Hebrew faith celebrate Hannaka. I know little¬†about this religion and will not talk about it. Jahova¬†Witness celebrate on a different day. Another religion I know little of. Except I have a few friends that are JW. In my family arena we did not go to cousins , Aunts and Uncles houses as we grew up. When I was an adult and married with no children we got a kick out of being invited to a brother’s or sister’s house on Christmas. Give the nieces and nephews presents and watch them open them. Sometimes it was a hardship to go. Living four hundred miles away. Sometimes leaving Christmas Eve at midnight Christmas morning. Getting to Mom’s house at six in the morning. It was what we wanted to do spend Christmas with the family.

July forth was a biggy with my Mom and Dad. It was a time for family and friends. In our neighborhood the neighbors would come over and have a good time. Lots of kids playing badminton, ( do families still do that?), kick the can,throw a baseball around and eat hot dogs and hamburgers. Stay up late and watch the fireworks. Did your family do this? This is my big three holidays. Other holidays seemed to be developed to have long weekends and spend money. Not that they are not important! What are your plans for Thanksgiving?




Before I met you, I had a life,
Unencumbered, very little strife,
A little lonely
But I kept myself busy,
Traveled, kept life simple and easy.

I paid a visit to an old friend,
Found my old life would come to an end.
Untethered by old thoughts,
I found companionship that I sought.

I still travel but not alone.
I have company wherever I go.
Life is more fascinating,
Definitely more scintillating.

I laugh more often,
Enjoy more often.
I awake with you by my side,
Thankful you became my life.

I could not imagine my world without you,
Thankful that you choose
To be with me.

I love you.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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