Do you get tired of being cheated?

I love Costa Rica, but there are times when I want to scream! How about  you, are there times you feel the same way? It is hard enough to communicate in broken language(thank God for Google translator) and your doing your best. I hate it when I pay for my restaurant bill in dollars and the server sort changes you. As if your are stupid and do not know how to count. Corina and I went to Playa Coco for the day. We would Stay the night because she flying out the next day to USA from the Liberia Airport. We went to Coconutz for an early dinner. It was great, the food the atmosphere, until it came to pay the bill. I gave the server an one hundred dollar bill. Our lunch bill was forty dollars and thirty-nine cents. I gave her six hundred colones to cover the change. She brought back my change: forty dollars American and ten mil colones. I told her she did not give me enough money back. She snootily said she was correct and I said no politely. I pointed out that ten mil was approximately $18.00. You will have to talk to the manager.

I know it may sound petty but I am tired of being short changed. It happens all the time. I had a person take care of my puppies and it cost approximately three hundred dollars. I was not able to go to the bank,so I used USA  currency. He figured it out at five hundred Colones to a dollar. I pointed out to him that the rate was five hundred and thirty colones to the dollar. He said I only do five hundred. I was tired and it took some strength to keep my big mouth shut. It cost over thirty dollars more than I thought I should pay. I like the gentleman and I still bring my dogs there but I only pay with my Costa Rican credit card, with Colones.I learned my lesson. If you do the math he made at least sixty dollars on that transaction when he exchanges dallors and colones at the bank. Because of me using my credit card he gets charged with the credit card transaction. I will never pay cash again. Am I crazy or can these people treat Gringos a little better.

When a businessman treats a customer poorly that customer will tell ten people to eat at another restaurant or take your dogs to another kennel, those people treated me wrong. When you like how you are treated, generally you tell two or three people about your wonderful experience and the business will prosper. What do you think can happen to the poorly run establishment?

Life goes on. I see this treatment about monetary exchange everyday, but I will not worry about it. I will not be generous with my tipping like I used to. If I have good service, I will tip what is on the check ( I use to add ten percent more for outstanding service, no more). I will not give extra money for taxis, just what he says the fare is. Never will I pay with dollars again. I pay dollars for construction because that is what he ask for. There is no mention of colones. He is a fair individual. I let myself get upset  instead of walking away from the situation. I learned my lesson. Thank you for teaching me how to save money and live inexpensively in Costa Rica.


Thank you

Speaking Your Mind

Why is it bad to speak your mind?
Not agree all the time?
Have we given up our personal feeling?
When you speak up, some people go reeling.

Some people think their answer is the best;
They do not consider the rest,
The people who disagree,
Those who say no to their plea.

Why must we bend to their norm?
When we disagree, there is an emotional storm.
I say buck the trend.
Why should you always bend?

Reality is most people give in.
Leave their emotions within.
No longer will I surrender
My emotions to any gender.

No, never is my play,
When their answer does not sway.
You must know deep down inside
Your emotions cannot hide.

Listen to your body;
You are not a nobody.
Why is it bad to speak your mind?
No, never shall I hide!

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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