Have you made your Camelot?

It took me thirty years to find Camelot. It was in front of me the whole time. I always worked hard. Maybe too hard. Giving up homelife for the career, ignoring those vital health signs. Lack of sleep, too much drinking, ignoring the wife to meet a deadline. I wondered why the little woman was lonely. On my days off I would play golf with the buddies and would be late for dinner. A vicious circle and I was oblivious to everything around me. Soon things were expected of me and I was loosing it.

I went to counseling three times until it dawned on me: get off the sinking boat and grow up. Change your life style and change your life. I began doing more things with the little woman and she began to smile more. We went on vacations together instead of apart. We went out with her friends. We went to plays, concerts and visiting the family more.  The sixteen hour workdays and closing a bar were long gone. Now it was:  “Honey,let’s spend the week end in Monterey.” “Ok I will take care of it.”Already done.” The little woman walks over and gives me a big kiss and says “where has my husband been?”

I was too slow to change to the better. My wife and I were together for forty-two years and I wasted my relationship. Twenty years of drinking and working too much. Slowly grew a pair and became a man. I thought: I had the castle and Maid Marian and did not realize it. On September twenty first, two thousand and eight at twelve-forty-five a.m. I lost my wife to brain cancer. I looked at my wife and thanked her for being the smart one and waking me up. For being a class act. Kind, generous,intelligent woman. They old saying that is true: you do not know what you have, until you loose it. I was lucky.

I found my Camelot and held onto it. It was not in riches, we had a nice little home and a steady job. No Cadillacs in the driveway, a Honda Accord, but what we had was a relationship and two people in love and living everyday to its fullest. I found I was the luckiest man on earth and the richest by far.




Did I Forget to Say

Did I forget to say I love you?
That your eyes sparkle like the skies so blue?
Did I forget to say you give me goose bumps?
That you make my heart go giddyap?

Did I forget to say I love you?
That time without you makes me blue?
Lonely nights, I hug your pillow,
Dreaming of our hugs together under the willows.

Did I forget to tell you I love you?
My bed was made for two.
It cries for your sensuality,
A memory I do not take casually.

Whoever said that absence makes the heart grow fonder
Must have too much time to ponder.
Did I forget to tell you I love you?
That women like you are too few?
Guess what?
I love you.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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