Look out I am on the road

Did you hear the cry? You are cruising the speed limit on the sharp curves of Costa Rican roads. This car is on your pumper. Five inches away. He pulls out around the curve, look out , I am on the road! It seems he is letting me know he is the only car on the road. It is a blind curve and a bus is coming around the bend. He is looking at me and I point to the bus.

The bus driver puts on his brakes. Oh my! You are lucky the bus drive is nice. It happens all the time.Two motorcyclist on the Yamaha 125’s decide to pass. Yes, you are right, on a curve. One passes on the left as a car passes by . He is inbetween two cars. The other passes on the corner in the dirt. All I could do is laugh.What is with these drivers? Do they have a death wish?

My favorite is the tour bus drivers. One hundred kilometers an hour in a forty Kilometer a hour zone. Then they park ten feet from the curve. Just far enough so you do not see the bus until you are half way through the curve. You do not see the bus, but the speeder in front of you did . He ends up in the grass to avoid hitting a car. He was lucky it was not a cliff or the car in on coming traffic not slowing down so you did not get killed. Oh my!

I like it when the cattle are on the road. Some joker is in a hurry and has to try to pass them. He has bulls in front,bulls in back, bulls on the side and the three horsemen are inbetween frowns and laughter. A bull taps his car and he has a fit. Give me a brake!  He only had to wait for ten minutes and the bulls were guided to another pasture.

Drivers do not take the time to think. I am retired and not in a hurry. There is nothing, I mean nothing I am in a hurry for. If you are in a hurry , go ahead and pass me. If you are reckless and not hurt, do not expect me to push your car out of a field. Sometimes you need to show a little courtesy. Did you hear me?! Oh my!

Pura Vida

oh my!

Costa Rica

The palm trees are swaying softly with the wind
The thunder is crackling as the rain begins
Silver dollar size droplets steam off the ground
Cooling the air as people mill around

Nobody rushing to get under cover
Sniffing the aromas that seem to hover
It has been an unusually warm winter’s day
The storm passes and the sun make its way

People are leisurely dressed
The ladies in bikinis or a sun dress
The men in shorts and tank tops
No shoes, just sandals or flip flops

No business done today
Go to church, it is Sunday
Family time, barbecue and the beach
Soccer playing out of dad’s reach

Mid seventies and no more rain
Perfect for the days play
A little soccer and a little surfing
Late tonight dad will be hurting

A beautiful day in Costa Rica

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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