What do you eat?

I love to eat! When I travel, I always look on line to find Mom and Pop places that have great food. Not the expensive restaurants that cost you $150.00 for a couple to eat a four once Steak. I love a tender brisket cooked for seventeen hours , barbecue beef ribs with lots of beef and fat. A prime rib house that cuts the meat in front of you and the meat melts  in your mouth. It may cost more but you save to eat a delicious prime rib.

A good hamburger that is fresh. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic with grilled onions, mayo and mustard and ketchup on the side or steak sauce to dip in. You must have a homemade wheat bun. Fresh out of the oven. A burger that does not cost twelve bucks. Doe it exist? Yes, at home in my kitchen.

When my wife passed in two thousand and eight, I gained sixty-five pounds. I guess it was my way of coping with loss. I was once a heavy drinker but for some reason I slowed down my alcohol consumption . I was surprised, lonely and did not want to drink, but I sure did eat. I looked for any restaurant to curb my anxiety. I began to travel and write. Bingo! Like a flash of lightning I saw a reason to eat more reasonable and enjoy life. As I lost weight traveling became easier and life more enjoyable.

Ten books later, I live in Costa Rica, away from fast food. More fruit, vegetables and natural drinks. I eat quality meats: Filet Mignon,  hamburger, and Rib Eye steaks. Meats that melt in your mouth. I eat beef maybe twice a month. I buy in bulk and it last for four months. I buy at San Martin Meat Company in Liberia, an hour and a half away and it is worth it.

I get fresh fish delivered to my door from Punteranas. A bit expensive but I receive extra large shrimp, Ahi, Mahi, Corvina; almost any type of fish you want. It also last for three or four months. Yes I freeze everything. It cost less than half what you pay in the states.

I get fresh vegetables delivered to my front door every week. Julio and Mercedes assures me the best quality. You could not meet Better people. I lost one hundred pounds in the last five years. I do not need to go out to restaurants to eat because I am a cook of fifty years and my girlfriend is a great cook. Yet, we have restaurants we like to visit , eat and chat at: Rock River Rocks , Las Brisas, Le Bristo,  Moya’s for pizza (yes we eat pizza) to name a few. We have started a better way of life in Costa Rica. We hope you find yours too. PURA VIDA!


Le Bistro
It is a quiet restaurant on highway one forty two
Great food with a great view
Lake Arenal in all its splendor
Horses in the meadow making our visit more grandeur

Next store is the Mansion inn
We decided to stay for relaxation
Reasonable priced for off season
What a way to have the weekend begin

Plenty of room outside to eat
Or inside if you please
A generous menu for you to choose
Even an assortment of very fine booze

Godfried is the owner, a quiet gentleman
Very accommodating, a good businessman
Combined the two separate entities under one roof
Made it friendly or you could be aloof

It is a beautiful piece of property
Ingenious in his priority
Restaurant up front and villas in the back
Swimming pool and Jacuzzi to help you relax
Our room has a Kingsize bed
Another room with twin beds
Wifi is free
As well as the TV
Thank you Godfried and your Staff
My girlfriend and I will certainly be back

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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