What is the essence of life

What is the true essence of life? I woke up this morning and asked myself, what have I done in my life that would make me be memorable? I thought to myself who would care if I lived? Are these true essance of your life questions or plain doubts, insecurities? The answer was “I live!” I took everyday one at a time and lived to the best of my ability. Making mistakes as I went along. Being human. Is that not true essence of life?

Wheather or not you are remembered does not really matter when you are dead. Your dead, who is to say your life had no essence, quality of living? Once your at the pearly gates you will get your answer. Why not enjoy every breath of fresh are with dignity and self worth, bring out your best in everything you do? Kindness, generosity, friendship in one nice little bundle being called, human.

Religious fever ┬ásome people call essence. Yet they let racism and poverty continue. Your religion isn’t the true religion. They are different so we must wage war. Your skin color is different. You class position is not the same as mine: you are a lower class and do not belong with me. Where does true essence begin?

Guora says: enjoyers

They believe that the essence in living life is in the small, little things. They tend to do whatever makes them happy. Many might just live an average life in the eyes of others. They believe that happiness is far more important than anything in the world.

Believe life is worth living : The true essence? What do you think? Pure Vida

True essence






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