Can you use a good laugh

I am happy I do not watch the Presidential race. To run for a Presidential race you need to be able to hold a million dollars in your wallet or purse. How can poor people take their promises seriously? Come on! Take a bus? Walk to work? Bicycle? The only excercise they get is holding up a Martini glass when it is empty. The race has been a joke. Constant bad mouthing each other and facebook should be burned in effigy, promoting such garbage.

There were times it was so hateful and ridiculous I had to laugh. The sad part of the election is that it does not matter. What will get done? People will want a candidate who will pay their subsistance. Put us farther in debt and crush the economy with joblessness and homelessness. Do you think either one will create jobs? Offer people the opportunity to get on their feet instead of sitting on their butts. Can you buy beer or whiskey with food stamps?

Has either one had a plan to show America how to get well? I never heard anything that said “I will take off the bandaid we have on our national debt and do this to make us better.”No we will blame it on the illegals and build a wall. Make Mexico pay for it. How is that going to help? Stop Social Security, there is too many of those centagenarians any way. Wait a minute ! I paid into it. The government has brainwashed young people into thinking it is the number one cause of the national debt because there are so many of us. It makes me laugh! It is not a benefit boys and girls. It is my 401k, my IRA, I paid into it. Is it my fault the dumb asses borrowed it away ? Billions of dollars, which was never paid back.

Donald are you going to file bankruptcy for our country and stop all subsistance programs? Hillary what kind of communist agenda have planned for us? Sounds like a joke,but is it far fetched. I am no Doctor of finance and I know how to lose money. I do live in Las Vegas, but where is the plan, candidates? I have not heard a positive agenda from either candidate. I decided not to vote. First time in fifty years. Could not help myself. I think it is a joke,Sad!



People and their opinions
Is like eating raw onion.
When faced with facts you do not like,
You close your senses for spite.

Like onion breath, you turn away,
Unwilling to be swayed.
If they used your type of Listerine,
You would follow him into a latrine.

People say they listen,
But is it done with conviction?
Do they hear what is being said?
Or is the sand to deep
When they buried their head?

“Get a life,” you are told.
Maybe I am too bold
Or maybe too old
To hear beyond what I am told.

I do not believe everything I read.
I am cautious and take heed,
Not to be sucked in by the greedy
Or the socialistic needy.

I wish to believe
We will hold the freedom we achieved.
It was won with a cost;
Many lives were lost.

Slowly, our Constitution is being shredded.
I am fearful where we are headed.
Yes, I have lots of time to pontificate.
Maybe I should oblate.

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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