Dear Mr. President Trump

You won one of the nastiest campaigns in American history. You have been attack personally like no other candidate before. Now it is time for you to prove them wrong. You must erect this nation to its former glory. Not by war, not by building walls that would show the world that we do not care. People flee to us because it is a better place to grow. Cut the shackles that hold America down. Bring companies back to the United States of America or leave their products over seas. In Costa Rica, if I wish to ship my house holdings here I would pay a substantial duty tax, upwards to 50%. I can not take a citizens job away from him. Our passport is only good for ninety days and need to leave Costa Rica. It is the same in most countries. Should we not reciprocate?

Instead of a wall put people to work. Fix our once great roads with the hand of laborers who welcome hard work. Guard our borders with Americans who wish to live freely. Send back illegals who have records, the criminals of Mexico and give those who wish to stay an opportunity to be residence or citizens of the USA. Charge them a fee to register as a resident. Have it renewed every 2 years . Give them an opportunity to become citizens in seven years. Give our country hope.

It seems like the last eight years  the regime was working at eliminating the middle class. Pushing our country towards socialism. Career politicians lining their pockets, accepting large money from lobbyist. Increasing the pensions and health insurance at the expense of the American people. Tell me Mr. President, why should they get retirement equal to their salary after serving two ,four or six years? Why should a President get his salary for the rest of his life after serving only eight years or less?

We Americans struggle to make our retirements and put money away for thirty or forty years. Do we have a democratic form of government or an oligarchy of a King. The decisions you make today will effect our children and our children’s children.  We voted you in to make democratic change. I look out at Mount Rushmore and wonder what Thomas Jefferson is thinking about the use of our constitution, or if Theodore Roosevelt would be bully, bully for America. I wonder if Franklin D Roosevelt or JFK would let the banks and the world dictate to America. What would Abraham Lincoln think of the police state today? How would these great Presidents  respond to countries wishing and plotting to weaken the dollar by promoting their currency as the new worldwide currency.

We have always shown the world kindness, resolve, eagerness to help those countries in need. Now we are looked upon as a debtor country, bullying our way in the world. Our politician have brought  shame upon this once great country. The death of Americans in our own embassy overseas  was met with no consequences to the perpetrators. How can this be? No sanctions met to the Country that perpetrated this action. How can we visit the graves of a dead Ambasador and his staff and hold our heads up high. I do not believe in war, but we have an obligation to protect Americans wherever they live. Will you do that which needs to be done Mr. President?



I long for the years

I long for the years
Where men worked together in good cheer
Forged in unity with a certain goal
To help mankind as a whole

When wealth was secondary
And everyone was a luminary
Eager to stand in for his friend
Compadres to the end

Sure there was a person in charge
Who protected the people at large
With one goal in mind
To protect mankind

I long for those years
It seems like life has changed gears
Where money controls
The life we hold

Where institution dictates our freedom
A cost: the lost, the Camelot Kingdom
I long for the years
Where men worked together in good cheer

Author: tmnugent

Poet Author. Living in Costa rica Pura Vida. Love to travel, play with my dogs and write poetry. My girlfriend and I enjoy life and could't be happier living here

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